Gas And Bloating

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JP - September 9

I am bloated beyond belief. I start week 11 next week. I went to the doctor on Wednesday heard the hb (160). All is good. I thought I was showing, but the doctor said, "No dear that is gas." The gas and the consipation is killer (sorry for the tmi). How do I get rid of the this natuarally. When I asked the doctor he said there was nothing (I find that hard to believe). Any thoughts or ideas would be welcomed. I have been wearing maternity pants since 7 weeks because nothing fits anymore. I would be ok with this if the doctor said, well your showing your baby. Instead I am showing my gas. Help please. THANK YOU ALL.


EH - September 9

Hi JP. I'm in the same boat as you. I'll be 8 wks tomorrow, and am already grown out of my pants. (Saw hb last week when I was 6w5d, it was 135). Also, I've been constipated, which is unusual for me. My doc recommended eating prunes or drinking prune juice (but don't overdo it).


nina - September 9

I have this two at 6 weeks!! Supposedly eating papaya fruit and drinking mint tea help. I'm going to try it........


Alycia - September 9

Drinking a lot of water, walking a little every day, and eating more fiber (like EH said - prunes) will help some. Avoid bananas - they can make constipation worse.


Ca__sie - September 9

Yep, walk more, drink more, and eat your fiber. If you like Raisin Bran, eat that for breakfast and maybe a small bowl for a snack during the day. It keeps you regular and helps with the bloating.


Amanda - September 9

Like Ca__sie said Raisin Bran or a good fiber cereal in the morning will help with the constipation.Keep up big time on the water, you need it to process all that fiber.Sometimes laying on your stomach(before you are too far along) can help some of the gas to "get out". You could also try lightly ma__saging you stomach in a clockwise pattern.(that is the direction elimination is headed.)


Jay - September 9

I was in the same boat. My advice: mild exercise (I walk 2 miles a day), Peppermint Altoids (great for nausea too), at least 10 cups of water a day and either oatmeal w/raisins or raisin bran for breakfast. I am 5 weeks pg and this regimen has kept me regular and kept the bloating down.


Monique - September 10

I'm 6 weeks and for about a week and a half I was sooo bloated I couldn't b___ton any pants and I was miserable. Since Tuesday I have drank 8 gla__ses of water per day and ate a bowl of frosted shredded mini-wheats every morning and in 4 days my stomach is COMPLETELY down (and I went to the bathroom 3 times in 2 days--most since pg). Hope this helps!


Alysia - September 13

I'm 10w 3d and I feel the same way- when I look down I see a buldge but unfortunately it's just bloating. I haven't gained much weight and my pants still fit (as long as they aren't low riders). Once I had them on for a while, they've gotten uncomfortable so now I just try to wear dresses or sweatpants when I can. Although I'm not constipated. When I started taking my prenatal vitamin I stocked up on bran cereal and prune juice. I eat the cereal as a snack after work, drink about 8oz of the juice and eat oatmeal for breakfast. I have been going every morning since then. I drink a lot of water, eat a lot of fruit and walk everyday so I'm sure that helps. I haven't found a natural remedy for the gas though...


Feeling Blue - September 13

I have gas pain constantly. It seems that I am releasing (scentless) gas constantly too, which is getting on my nerves and upsetting me. I'm also bloated beyond belief and embara__sed that I'll have to look at maternity pants soon. I am only in week 10 and feeling blue. I've always been very weight conscious and feel gross. When I look at myself in shop mirrors, I see that my arms look kind of puffy too compared to usual. I'm sure people at work are wondering what's up. I feel like crying.


Jay - September 13

TO FEELING BLUE: I know it's hard, I have also always been very weight concious. It helps when I think about all of that bloating as the baby "redecorating" to get comfy and stay awhile. Cheer up!!


nina - September 13

I found peppermint tea works wonders on the bloating and gas, mine is pretty much gone now



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