Gas And Cramps

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Jamie - September 7

I am about 5 weeks pregnant and get woken up in the middle of the night with gas cramps. They hurt really bad, but after I move around in the morning, they go away. Is this normal, or is it something I ate? Any ideas/suggestions. Thanks.


Mel - August 2

Its probably normal, your body is having a lot of changing going on right now. As long as you have no bleeding or severe cramping, or pain in your shoulder (they say ectopic pregnancies cause pain in your shoulder, I know, go figure) you should be fine. Talk to your doctor and read everything you can to educate yourself on what's happening to your body.


Stephanie - August 10

Hello, I am almost 6 weeks pregnant with my second child. I to have the same exact problem. I am constantly getting trapped gas that hurts really bad. It is normal because I had it with my first child too.


Leigh - August 25

I'm going into my 11wk and I'm having a lot of gas discomfort too plus by the end of the day I look 5 months pregnant! Not the best look already. Don't remember this with my first baby. But it's good to know I'm not the only one experiencing this. I talked to a friend of mine who experienced the same thing, she said she was sometimes bent over with the discomfort. I've read eating frequent small meals helps, eating slowly and don't talk while eating as you can swallow air. Exercise is also supposed to help move the air out. Good luck.


Aimee - August 31

I'm having the same problem. My cramps got so bad today, I had to lay on my side on the floor in my office until they went away. That really helps by the way. It's my first pregnancy so I'm so relieved to know that I'm not the only one feeling this way! P.S. does anyone have really bad lower back pain???


jan - September 3

I am about 7 weeks pregnant, and have been experiancing gas pains and cramps as well. I find what works for me is, and I know this might sound funny, but I get on my hands and knees then lower so I'm on my elbows, and then even lower so that my head is on the ground. This position helps the gas to pa__s through the disgetive track easier. Do make sure you are relaxed if you try this. You tend to tense up your stomach and abdomen when you have gas, which causes even more pain as the gas becomes more trapped. Good luck.


jules - September 7

I am having the same problem! I am only 5 weeks preg w/my 2nd child(1st is 6 years old) I have the worst gas cramps EVER-and I know this is gross, but the gas smells horrible! I am so embarra__sed. I am also experiencing lower back pain and pressure, which I don't remember w/my first.


dalesgirl - September 16

A friend of mine ate lemons to relieve the gas.


Lindsey - September 16

This is my first and I'm 6 weeks. I think I am having gas related cramps, gas for sure. It is a mild pain though. More like discomfort and no pain in the shoulder or bleeding. I hope this is normal.


Julie Ann - September 16

Im 8 weeks and have had problems with cramping and gas. I also have a tipped uterus that puts pressure on my intestines which makes things worse. This could be a possiblity as alot of woman have tipped uterus' and not even know it. It could be a combo of what you ate also. You can take tums in moderation and they slightly help. Cramps in moderation are also normal as the uterus is stretching and the umbilical cord is attaching etc. I find my cramping is at night also when I go to bed. If you think that it is something to be worried about then I would call the doctor just in case.


Annie - September 16

I have the same types of symptoms and diarrea to go along with it, which can be scary. But once I get moving, it's okay.



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