Gas Cramps And Bad Lower Backache In 1st Trimester

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Brianna Nicole - September 13

Hi I'm 16 yrs. old and could most definitely be pregnant. I am having occasional menstrual-like cramps in lower abdomen and very bad occasional lower backaches. I have had these symptoms for almost a week straight with absolutely no bleeding. I've read these are very common symptoms in early pregnancy (first trimester). If I am, I'm about almost 6 weeks. I'm so afraid to take a test though because I want it to be +! i should have a definite positive by now if I am indeed pregnant, right? My mother thinks that I have a kidney infection because it has the same symptoms as I have, although my urine is clear, no foul smell, or blood in urine. I know in my heart and obviously what I feel in my body that I'm pregnant. If anyone has had the same or similar symptoms please respond as soon as possible! Thank you and God Bless Yall!


SaRaH - August 2

Good luck and GOD bless YOU!


nichole - August 4

i totally know how u feel, only i dont know if i am pregnant or not. i will find out and i hope i am (even though i'm 17 and probably shouldnt be wishing that) it would make alot more since w/ all the symptoms and everything. i'm only sorry i dont know if i am, and i totally cant help u there. maybe i will find out, then let ya'll know. [email protected]


SaRaH - August 4

It is probally best if you do test and find out so that you can get the proper care. Your parents will get over it and they will be supportive of you, be honest with them and things will be fine! good luck!


Teri - September 13

Hey, i was sixteen when i first fell pregnant! i did the cowardly thing and told my mum over the phone! I come fom a religous background where no s_x before marriage is acceptable! however my mum and dad were great they really helped me, you are old enough to do so you are old enough to face the responsiblity, i did and i dont regret in fact ive just turned 19 and pregnant with my second, you will need someone to lean on besides your BF as your mum has been there herself you can share all the symptoms and besidesi reckon she'll be over the moon, but let her be invloved take her to the scans and let her see the baby, its a granmothers roll to love then GChildren. goodluck honey


sireena - November 22

Hi, i know how you feel. I'v just found out that Im 6 weeks gone and am having the same symptoms. I know that its hard to tell your mum but once she gets over the shock she will be fine. you need to do the test so that you can check that your baby is healthy. if you are pregnant you need to be careful as the first trimester is very important. you need to look after you and the baby.



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