Gas Uuuggghhh

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d - December 15

i am 10 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and have been getting extremely bad gas cramps and i am so constipated. i don't remember this from my first two pregnancies. is anyone else experiencing this?


Sammy - December 15

I am! I was getting seeing a Physical therapist today laying on my side and out of nowhere let out this BIG belch. I was sooo embarra__sed! He was very good about it, but I felt so bad! I didn't even have any warning! And I have it the other way too! Of course I have been craving Mexican foods, but nothing spicy or really out of the are not alone!:-)


Nikki - December 16

When I was pregnant with my first child I had this problem. With no warning I pooted...often! It was dreadfully embarrasing. So far with this pregnancy (it is still very early 8.5 weeks) it hasn't happened. I hope that it doesn't! I know how you're feeling!


kate - December 22

I have always suffered what I call "trapped gas".A nurse told be about Ovol little pill and shortly after all pain subsides...sometimes with wind pa__sing!I just talked to a pharmacist and YES it is safe to take during pregnancy.There is also an Ovol drop for colic infants.


Amalys - December 23

I'm 8 weeks into my pregnancy... just yesterday I was having sharp cramping, I couldn't breath and my leg went limp on me... I had to be sustained to walk straight... I was dreading the worst. I went to the ER because the pain got to the point where I couldn't even sit or stand, I was a mess... The Dr. checked the baby and my ovaries and everything was good (thank God!) But he said what I had was a severe case of GAS!!! I couldn't believe that gas could be so painful!!!


d - December 23

thanks for your replys. i am so ga__sy its not even funny. i can't even control it. thank god its not loud sometimes cause it even happens when i am at work. LOL


lilmama - December 27

You should try taking maloxx it seems to really help me and my doc said it is safe to take


Noelle - January 9

However embarra__sing it may be, it seems like I burb and fart every other second. I am 10 weeks pregnant and the gas situation has not become any better since I first experience it 4 weeks ago. My doctor advised me to drink soda water. I tried Perrier earlier on but the doc said there is certain substance in Perrier that is not recommended for pregnant women. Good luck with you.


Lucky1 - January 10

Same here, gas all day. I don't mind, cause it feels good to get it out (doesn't it) lol. :o()


Beth - January 10

I am only 5 weeks pregnant and the gas has hit me already, I can imagine how much worse it will get in the upcoming weeks :0)


ann - January 10

hi! d i m 11weeks and i had the heavist gas for the past 8 weeks and it also hurts so bad on the left side since i was also constipated ........... talk to ur dr abt it my dr prescribed me some medication for the constipation......... also what type of prenates are u taking? i had to change my prenate to the one which had some stool softner and that has also really helped me a lot since the last 2 weeks i m hurting very litt.......compared to before..... all the best


yiffit - January 12

You have one of the many symptoms. I eat dried fruit (apricots especially) and that helps a ton for the constipation. And in helping with that, I have a lot less gas.


Sara - February 10

I'm 6 week, very early, and I have very bad gas. So bad that I can't stand up straight. I've been taken gas-x it helps but I still fart every other minute. I feel your pain. hang in there


Stacy - April 17

Im only 7 weeks with my 2nd and Im so bloated and uncomfortable I feel like Im 4 months pregnant. It hurts so bad I can barely move.


clarice - April 18

have any of you experienced this also in another way, such as a very acidy-like feeling, especially at night or after eating spicy foods?


Lottie - July 11

9th week and for the love of god above yes. More than any man I have ever met.


Q - July 11

I get cramps just from gas. Not fun. I walk every night after eating, and kinda let things go - and it works . (tmi)



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