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Cendy - February 13

I have heard that you can predict the s_x of your baby by the fetal heart rate. I was wondering if you all could give me you fetal heart rates and the s_xs of your babies. At my ultrasound last week, I was 7 weeks and 4 days. The fetal heart rate was 156 bpm. I have heard anything over 140 is likely to be a girl. Could this be true. Thanks for sharing in advance. BABY DUST!


KAY - February 13

I had the same question, my girlfriends that have had kids say that you have to wait until about 15 weeks to do the heart rate. They told me that when the baby is that small the heart rate is through the roof. My dr would not confirm heart rate = gender, but did confirm that the heart rate does go down after around 14 weeks. He told us to just be patient and wait for our ultrasound. I know that is not much comfort for you, it wasn't for me. Hopefully someone else will give you the answer you are looking for. I will be watching because I want to know, too! :-)


Steph - February 13

You can't tell the gender from the heartrate. It's just an old wives tale. The baby's heartrate will go up about 20-30 minutes after you have eaten as well as go up if you have done any physical activity as well. Your doc's right, wait for the ultrasound, but have some fun with the wives tales as well! There are tons of "tests" you can take that can "determine" what you are having. They are fun for pregnant ladies to take, even if they are just for fun.


lisas - February 13

I don't think that is true I just got another ultrasound and my baby boy had a hb of 163bpm. It is fun to try to see though, I was sure I was having a girl but it was definitely a boy. Good luck


^lucy^ - February 14

i knew my baby's heart rate and gender at 20 weeks u/s.. we're having a girl and her hb was 152 bpm :) but i dont think this is a rule u can stick on to though


Cendy - February 14

Thanks for all the responses. I appreciate you all taking the time to address my question. BABY DUST!



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