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Megan P - January 31

Has anyone used an actual gender prediction kit? I know has them for 35 bucks. I've gone onto Chinese gender prediciton sites and have gotten conflicting results. I can't wait though!!


mamaof3 - January 31

I've never used them. I just found out I'm 4 weeks. I am thinking about purchasing the "tell me pink or blue" or the Intelligender. I'm not sure how accurate they really are, I would also like to know if anyone has tried any. As for the Chinese gender charts are you going by your lunar age? It's your age plus 9 months. It has actually been right with my 3 boys.


jessicaspatherapist - January 31

i read an article in the newspaper about the Intelligender and the article was saying that its just as acurate as the chinese online chart or any other wives tales....and that there were many cla__s action suits against the company!


Mega - February 1

I went to a couple of the free Gender Predictor chart sites online. I really don't know if I conceived in very late Dec. or early January though. But either way it says BOY for me. Which I've always had the feeling my 1st kiddo would be a boy, so we'll see. It's kind of fun to "guess" in the 1st trimester. I've never heard of Intelligender before. It's just a chart? Hmmm. Anyone have a "gut feeling" yet about what your carrying?


Megan P - February 1

Wait, mammaof3, my lunar age is my age plus nine months? So I'm 30. Will be 31 on March 4th. So, do you mean I should put 31 in there as my age? It says boy when I put 30 or 31 in. My twin sister said she used it and it was wrong for her. I can't wait to find out!!!


grace2 - February 1

I never heard of these things until now. I just tried the Chinese gender prediction site and it said it was a BOY. It's funny because I've been suspecting a boy all along. It's neat how we have a feeling about these things :)


paullover - February 1

I did the chinese calendar with my first, it said girl, but I had a boy. I think it's just for fun. I don't think it's very accurate.


mamaof3 - February 2

Megan.. Ya so if your 30 you would look at age 31 and the month you conceived. I think that's why alot of people get it wrong because they don't look it up by their lunar age. I wouldn't "swear" by the chart but it's kinda funny that it got all three of my boys right. It says this one is a girl so we'll see if it's right... I really hope so.



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