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J - February 17

I was given a US at 6wks and the doc told me that the gestation sac was 10mm and had a yolk sac and there was a shadow but she couldn't definately identify it as the embryo. Has anyone had these findings at a 6wks scan? Please reply I at my wits end!


Jackie R - February 17

Is there a chance your dates are off? I had a snac at what I thought was 6wks and all they saw was a gest sac. They told me I was off on my dates and was at 5wks.This is very common not everyone ovulates when they think they do and fertilization can take longer sometimes - this all makes your dating off. This was the case for me because a week later at my second u/s there was a a little bean with a heartbeat. So try and relax. A lot of developement happens this early and a few days makes a diffrence. Are you getting another scan to check the progress? If not ask your doc for one in a week. Also was the scan v____al or on your belly? If it was over your belly then it's harder to see everything compared to a v____al at this early a stage.


J - February 17

The scan was v____al and I'm required to have another scan next week. I just hope everything is ok and that our date are indeed off. Thanks for your reply.


PP - February 17

I had tons of trouble in the begining. I was bleeding for weeks and they did v____al ultrasound after ultrasound and kept telling me not to get my hope up. Well I am now 18 weeks and my baby is extremely active and is large for date. It moves constantly and they have trouble tracking it down with the doppler. I will tell you just keep your hopes up and think only the very best until you know different.


Jackie R - February 17

J- I just wanted to let you know my scans where v____al also and that is when the found just a sac at first then a little bean a week later. Just relax and try not to panic. Believe me I know how hard that is to do since I was in the same boat as one weeks ago.


J - February 18

Thanks for the advice it makes me feel alot better! I hope everything goes well for you both.


mommy of two? - February 18

Hi, don't worry that you didn't see the embryo. (Easier said than done, I know, went through the same thing). I had an ultrasound (not v____al) done at 5 weeks and 5 days and all the doctor saw was the sac. He said it was too soon and by the next scan the baby would be there. Easy for him to say - I panicked for 2 weeks and decided to go 2 weeks early to my next scan. At 8 weeks I saw my baby and its heartbeat. I'm sure by your next scan you will see your baby. It is just too early. Wishing you well. Sonia


Jamie - February 24

I just want to thank you all ... I'm glad I came across this board. I've been panicking for 2 days b/c I thought I was 8 weeks but when I had an u/s (had some light brown spotting), all teh dr saw was a "healthy, well-formed sac." She said it could be many things - mabye not as far along, ectopic or unhealthy. They are testing my hcg and prog levels - took blood tues adn again today to see if they are doubling. I'm more hopeful after reading many stories about empty sacs that turn out happy, so I'm hoping things are ok with all of my hormone levels! Thanks again, I feel a lot more hopeful!


Heather - February 24

sure nothing to worry about....that happend to me at 8weeks and eveything seems to be going fine...give it a few weeks and Im sure you'll be able to see everything....I could be that the embroy is "hiding" 6 weeks there's not a whole lot there....good luck..i wish the best for you!!


Laura - February 24

I found out that i was pregnant on valentines day. and went to the doctor the next day. he told me that i was barely 4 weeks, so he gave me an ultrasound for a more accurate due date. well all the lady saw was a healthy looking sac that was in the right place, but no baby.... they said it appears like im pregnant, which iam, i desperatly want to know if everythings okay. they said by the size of the yolk sac that im 4weeks 4 days. they say this is to eairly to see anything, but by 7 weeks does anyone think that i would be able to hear the heart beat to know that everythings okay. and also when i go to the doctor for a check up he should be able to tell me if my uterus is growing in size right?


sadie - February 26

I was 4 weeks pregnant and had a v____al scan they couldnt see a sack it may be etopic iv got 6 kids already and iv not had this before so i have to go again nxt wk to see,its a worry as im not sure if it is in the rite place


Wendy - May 2

I just came back from the hospital because I was spotting and the performed a v____al ultrasound. they only see a sac but they can't see any baby inside. The bleeding is started to increase now and don't knwo what to do. I thought I was 10 wks but they said that its imposible to be 10 wks.


Prue - May 3

I had a scan at what I thought was 7 1/2 weeks. They said the sac measured 6 1/2 wks but the embryo only measured 5 1/2 wks. There is a heartbeat. I asked if this was okay and the Dr told me "he didn't know" but to go and have another scan in 2 weeks. Is it normal to have a sac a week older in size than the embryo? I am definitely 6 1/2-7 weeks because I had IVF so I know the transfer date.


lilred - May 15

i am about 5w and i have a gestation sac and a yoke sac, i was wondering how long is it to see a formation of a fetus.


ca__sandra c. - May 16

i had a vag u/s @ 4w3d and saw a gest and yolk sac..that was it i had another u/s (not vag) @ 6w3d and saw a little fetus and heartbeat


angela - June 29

how long after conception do it take for you to see the gestation sac only. i hear 3 days after conception you will see the gestation sac.


Vanessa - Newcastle (uk) - June 30

Please don't worry, I was worried about the same problem. I went back two weeks later for another scan and you could see the embryo. Chances are that your dates are wrong, they told me I was 6 weeks plus and I was only 3 weeks on my first scan and then 5 weeks on my second. Try not to worry - Good luck x



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