Gestational Sac But No Yolk Sac

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abi_77 - September 19

Hi everyone, I have miscarried twice before, one blighted ovum in dec 2005 and one Down's syndrome baby october 07. I am 31 and today I am 5 weeks 2 days. Went in for beta on 14dpo it was 361 and 19dpo it was 2594. Went for my first U/S today and saw only a gestational sac (11.4x10.3mm). The doctor said he should be able to see a yolk sac by now. Anyway, is this another pregnancy headed towards doom. Also my symptoms have definelty decreased. I am hoping for a miracle and it's yet to happen to me. Is there any hope for me?


Fall - September 19

abi, I just thought I would offer you a little hope. I was further along than you when I got my U/S and they only seen a gestational sac. 6 days later there was a fetus but no heartbeat. (I was so upset) But the next time I went (10 days later) There was a heartbeat and a baby that looked like a gummy bear:) Don't loss hope yet... I know how you feel I also misscarried... I tend to keep my feelings guarded. But your #s sound good. My thoughts are with you.


abi_77 - September 20

Hi Fall thanks for the support. I am worrid because I am losing my symptoms and yesterday I found out my progestrone dropped to 18. Anyway, my doc put me on prometrium. Did you have a successful pregnancy with the baby you had difficulty seeing the first time around.


mommyto4 - September 20

I went through the same thing. A friend of mine that is a ultrasound tech told me it is normal to only see a sac, even up to 7 weeks, if your uterus is tilted they are harder to see also. I am also on the prometrium and now my symptoms are strong again. I went in at 7wks and there was a baby with a heart beat. I have had 4 m/c and 4 live births, with one of my boys I was told to go home and plan on a m/c cause my levels were so low, he is now 2. Try to think positive thoughts for the baby growing in you.


abi_77 - September 21

Mommyto4 congrats on your babies and sorry for your losses. Thanks for your support. I will hope for the best. I don't think I have a tilted utereus but may be there will be a miracle when I go back. Praying to the lord..


Missie76 - September 22

I have a tilted utuerus as well and they had a hard time seeing the baby with a normal ultrasound, i am 7 weeks, 6 weeks when I had it done. when they did the v____al ultrasound it was easier to see. Did they do that? I hope everything is ok!


abi_77 - September 22

Missie they did do a v____al ultrasound. I am really losing hope as my symptoms have decreased.


mommyto4 - September 22

abi, I would have them check your hcg levels again and see what they are doing. I am praying for you hang in there.


BrendaW - September 24

abi any news yet have your symptoms come back at all?


abi_77 - September 24

Hi Brenda, thanks for checking in. I am having symptoms, my b___st is still tender to touch and at times I feel nausea and tiredness. Today I had really bad gas problem in the afternoon. But I think that could be because of me eating peas. Anyway, all these symptoms can be attributed to the progestrone I am taking. So who knows. I am waiting for Monday..


Fall - September 24

abi, after I had mc(s) my dr. did put me on progestrone and I had my second son. i'm pregnant again and as I told you before things did not look good in the beginning however after my 3rd ultrasound the found a baby with a healthy heartbeat. Oh, although progestrone contibutes to some b___st tenderness, its more likely you are experiencing nausea and tiredness due to hcg.


abi_77 - September 25

Fall congrats on your babies. Thanks for the info. I will keep you updated.


BrendaW - September 26

My fingers are crossed for you Abi!


BabyMakes7 - September 29

Any news abi?


abi_77 - September 29

Ok, it's not good news for me. My Gestational sac grew to 30/12mm but nothing inside. This is my 3rd consecutive loss. I am crished. Hope it will work for me the next time.


BrendaW - September 29

Oh Abi my heart goes out to you are they going to start any testing since this is the third loss?


mommyto4 - September 30

Abi Is there any hope? My gestational sack was 12mm and showed no yolk sac or baby at 6 weeks 1 day. Are you going to wait another week to see if there are any changes? My prayers are with you.



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