Gettin A Little Quot Thicker Quot

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heatherjene - December 13

Has anyone started to feel "thicker" in the middle and sides of your stomach? I noticed it big time this morning when I went to put on my jeans and they were tighter around the waist than they were this weekend. OMG- I kinda feel like marshmallow woman! LOL (I am almost 11 weeks)


stefkay - December 13

I was wondering about this! I actually felt larger (more bloat) earlier on than I do now, but my stomach is getting larger and feels pretty hard. I've been told I'm showing but I just dont think that is possible yet? I think for me it may be the blood thinner injections I have to do in my belly, yet my dr. never said that they would do anything like that. Maybe I'll call and ask. I'm fairly thin too, so this is different than anything I've had when I've just gained weight eating, you know? I'm almost 11 weeks too.


ShoppingForTwo - December 13

Hey guys, I am 11w1d now and I don't really "feel" bigger but I can look down and tell that I'm expanding just a bit. Things are happening a lot faster this time lol. I can't wait to be huge!!!


Faye84 - December 13

i feel fat. I have no idea whats going on either, this is my second baby within a year...maybe thats why?


ShoppingForTwo - December 13

Same here second baby within a year. They will be born 6 days apart.


nola-gal - December 13

i definitely notice a difference. a lot of it is because i am too exhausted to exercise like i normally do...instead of going walking or to the gym, i nap after work. i feel like a big lazy tub of lard.


stefkay - December 13

lol :) We have an excuse to be big lazy tubs of lard for now! Hey, at least through the first trimester :D


vonzo - December 17

I'm only 8.5 weeks and I have a bump already. This is my 2nd so they are definately right when they say you show earlier!! I didn't show with my daughter until about 14weeks. I dread to think what size I'll be by then :o) xx



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