Getting A Little Worried

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Heidi - March 31

Okay, I know earlier this week I was bragging how all my m/s stopped last weekend. I'm 11 weeks today now. I'm starting to wonder if something may be wrong??? I just don't feel pregnant anymore. Is this normal after m/s goes away for a while? I mean my br___ts are still sore sometimes and bigger and I go to the bathroom like three times a night but other than that, nothing. I've actually felt so good that I keep forgetting I'm pregnant. As dumb as that sounds. But I have gained some weight but I've been able to exercise now that I feel better. This morning I grabbed a pair of work jeans that I just assumed was not going to fit, and they did. I was like, what the h__l? These should NOT be fitting anymore! I got on the scale and did drop a few lbs too but I've been eating, just not as bad as when I was sick, because eating made me feel a little better. Now I don't pig out 24/7 and I'm back on my old eating routine and exercising a bit more. Should I be worried and call my doc or is this pretty common? I look a little fuller in the tummy area but that's it. My jeans still fit fine and I keep thinking they shouldn't at this point. Any advice??? It's my first pregnancy so maybe I'm just panicking and should be enjoying how great I feel.


Lisa - March 31

Hi Heidi- we're at the same stage.. I'm 11w1d.. I also stopped pigging out (ravenous really) and that had me worried.. I read this is very very normal- we're close to the feeling good 2nd trimester.. Also- most of the bloating you/I have is from progesterone.. I thought it was the baby and I was told not yet..! Anyway, I'm not saying you shouold do this since it's hit or miss of finding the HB, but i rented a fetal doppler.. it took me forever to find it and at first found my OWN slow HB (and freaked out) but read the instructions and found it.. lost it too- the baby is SO small and moving so this also is normal.. I heard the HB yesterday a few times.. and had y latest u/s this past friday so I'm relatively sure all what I'm feeling (same as you) is normal.. Ha- I sound do calm! I'm also a first time pregnant (to this point- had m/cs) and generally a wreck! we're almost out of the 1st trimester ! when's your next u/.s?


Heidi - March 31

Well that makes me feel much better. At 9 weeks I heard the heartbeat and she said it was good and strong. I do have a nuchal ultrasound set up at Mayo on Monday to check for Downs etc. so I'm sure I'll get a glimpse of what's going on in there or they'll at least say the baby is at the right growth stage etc but I'm not really sure what they'll tell me if anything....but my midwife really hasn't said anything about an ultrasound. I heard if they don't suspect any problems, you only get one around 20 weeks so I will ask at my next appt on the 12th for sure! Yeah I feel really different! I just forget I'm pregnant. I know the baby isn't that big and not big enough to make my stomach big, as I was thin to begin with, but I looked so bloated all the time. Some days my boyfriend would be like, geeesss!!!! Then a week later he'd say, wow, you're just really not showing yet are you? It's up and down and seems to depend on how much I eat and drink and I did have some constipation problems but when they went away, I seemed to loose weight and look slimmer. I'm glad you replied as I'm not going to worry now and just try to enjoy NOT feeling pregnant. Ha ha! Good luck to you!!!! I just feel better knowing I don't have to eat so much. I hated that cus I'm not used to it.


js - March 31

Hi Heidi, I am exactly the same as you, 11 weeks today, with the exact same things happening. This morning I got on the scale and have also shed a few pounds, but my tummy is definately fuller. My b___sts are still sore, and I gotta go a lot too! I'm not starving anymore like I was a few weeks ago, but I still have to eat something in the morning (so I don't get sick) which I never used to do. I'm guessing that I will start to show more around 3.5 to 4 months. My dr. said I might start to show a little early because I was slender to start. I think it's normal. Lots of women keep telling me that they felt the best and the most healthy during pregnancy. Hope this makes you feel a little better- good luck!!



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