Getting Massages

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amandas - January 27

I've heard that some places won't give a massage during the first trimester. Why? I have a facial that includes a neck and scalp massage tomorrow and now i'm a little worried! I can't find a good reason why massage early is a bad idea.


kat - January 27

my sister was going to give me a ma__sage(shes qualified) but wouldnt risk using the oils on me as they shouldnt be used on pregnant women.


ma__sage therapist - January 27

oils are one reason, plus- if someone is not trained in pregnancy ma__sage, they can put pressure on trigger points that may induce labor (later in pregnancy) and could cause miscarriage (mainly feet). This is VERY rare, but its best to be safe than sorry. If properly trained, there is no danger. The facial is completely safe even with the neck and scalp. Just tell your therapist any time you go get a ma__sage that you are pregnant. Dont worry, your in the clear.


Perl - March 30

So if they avoid certain trigger points then ma__sage is okay? What about deep tissue ma__sage? Doesn't this type of ma__sage release toxins that can be harmful to a growing baby?


AmyF - March 31

There are spas by me that give prenatal ma__sages- I'd ask about those.


Perl - March 31

Prenatal ma__sage therapist told me she refused to touch me until my 2nd trimester. Risk of miscarriage is already high in 1st trimester and ma__sage can cause uterine contractions if they ma__sage you in certain spots (ankle and somewhere else). I guess that means I should skip the pedicure ma__sage too. Two therapists told me no way they would ma__sage me yet, come back in 6 weeks. Ma__saging the right trigger point late in pregnancy can also induce labor.


Susan W - April 1

I've heard it can trigger nausea if you get a ma__sage in the first trimester. So I wouldn't get one if I were feeling queasy, but it might feel really good otherwise!


AshleyB - April 1

I went for one when I was about 5 wks and they wouldn't do it. The therapist told me it was because of some of the oils and lotions they use. They use things that draw out impurities and it's just not good. I don't know why, but she wouldn't touch me until 2nd trimester.


mandee25 - April 2

Is it okay for my dh to give me a ma__sage without the oils and stuff? lol


squished - April 3

I hope so! My hubby gave me a neck and foot rub yesterday after I worked a horribly long weekend and it felt great :)



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