Getting Sick

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SamiB - January 14

I am really worried I have been sick since Friday evening, I still have a fever this morning. I have been taking tylenol to try and keep the fever down because I know that a fever can't be good for the baby.My throat and head are killing me. I am so worried that whatever I have is going to cause problems for the baby. This is my second baby, and I am about 6 1/2 weeks pregnant. It's such an important developmental time, and I feel like I am messing things up by being sick. Anybody else had this experience? I am trying to get an appt with a Doc today.


LeslieM - January 14

Sami...i know that running a high fever is not good for the baby. if you cannot get in to your Dr. then call your OB and ask what you should do....i do not know where you are, but i will a__sume there is an Urgent Care somewhere around where you live? perhaps a trip there would work. pregnant women seem to get quick attention so make sure when you call to get an appt. with the Dr., that you tell them you are pregnant and have been running a high fever. stay calm.....i am sure everything will be just fine. keep us posted.


softbreeze200 - January 14

Hi Sami! Try not to worry, just get in to see the doc as soon as you can, and like Leslie said, maybe try an Urgent Care centre if there is one close by. I too am sick, not sure what it is though. Started yesterday and feels liek someone has wrapped a tensor bandage around my chest really really tight and everytime I cough it kills. Thoat is sore and head hurts, but no fever. I too am going tot he dr tommarow (for my first prenatal appointment 11 weeks) so she can check it out then. Just try and stay cool and make sure to keep your self hydrated and get lots of rest if you can. All will be fine with your peanut. They are tough little cookies!! All the best! :)


HeatherIsHopeful - January 14

well being sick wont hurt baby at all. in fact your immune system goes down when you are pregnant so you are more likely to get sick.. fun huh? anyway the fever is something to worry about, what is your temperature at? if it is a low fever it shouldn't be to much cause for concern but if its at 100 or so then go the the ER soon! If your body temp raises so will baby's and that can cause major problems. good luck hon... let us know how things go.


SamiB - January 15

Thanks for your guy's responses. I did go the family doctor and he said I had a bad respiratory infection, close to pneumonia. He prescribed Amoxicilin and an inhaler, I called my OB and she a__sured me that these were okay. I asked about the affects on the baby, and she said that usually there would not be any problems, but you can't guaranted it. So I'm still nervous, but at least I am feeling a little better today.



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