Getting Worried

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rns91294 - July 8

Well, I began spotting with light cramping at 5 wks 5 days. That was yesterday. It got heavier today (still spotting brown, with a spot of red). I called the Dr. and they wat me to come in monday morning for blood work, and then again on Wednesday for more. The thing is, my tender br___ts are no longer sore or tender at all. Could this be because my levels are dropping and I may be losing the baby?


Erin15 - July 8

Hi - My advice is to take it easy this weekend and see if they can do an ultrasound on Monday. They should be able to see if the baby is developing normally in your uterus. It's very scary. I did have one miscarriage in March (my first pregnancy) and it began with spotting, and I lost some pregnancy sensations for sure. I'm pregnant again (around 7 weeks) and am having spotting again, so I'm very concerned as well. Just know that there really isn't anything you can do at this point but try to stay positive. I have read on this site of people who have spotted and gone on to have normal pregnancies. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.


rns91294 - July 8

Thank you. The cramps just gpt a little worse and the spotting has turned red. I called the doc again and she still wants to try to hold out until Monday. I toldher abouy my b___sts and she said that honestly, she doesn't like that they are no longer sore and this could very well be an early loss. I am having such a hard time ith this because just yesterday I was crying to my husband that I don't eant children, and now this. I may be scared to have my life change, but I certainly didn't want this to happen. And my por usband, who has been trying to deal with me being upset prior to this, really wanted this baby. I can'r help but feel like this is my fault.


sophandbob - July 8

This is completely NOT your fault. Many women suffer miscarriage, some before they even knew they were pregnant, and the cause is widely unknown, but is suggested as a even that occurs because the baby is not developing as it should, and NOT because of anything you've done. I have e mailed you...


Erin15 - July 8

That sounds very difficult. Try not to feel like this is your fault. It absolutely is not. Not to make excuses for your conversation, but you should also recognize that you are most likely (if you are miscarrying) experiencing a major drop in hormones and that could cause you to say/do things that you might otherwise not. Take good care, get some rest and good luck with Monday.


crystal74 - July 9

i wrote to you RNS91294 on another thread i saw you on about spotting brown, i am so sorry. i read about your spotting and i am doing the same with the brown on tp when i wipe. my dr. thnks it's cuz we had s_x last week, i hope so. so now we can't. i went in friday and sunday to test the blood value, mine on friday was 17,128, and then i will find out the results of todays test, which should double, tomorrow. i pray that you make it through this tough time with the support from your dh. i pray that god will bless you with another pregnancy, healthy, and will give birth after nine months. i will let you know how everythign goes with me


rns91294 - July 10

I responded on your other post. I did a lot of reading and hear it is failry common to spot from s_x. But your DR is right to tell you not to do that for now. This experience made me realize just how much I want a child. I can't wait to start trying again. My levels after I miscarried were 165. Today (1 1/2 days later), they are 54. I go back in a week to make sure they go to 0. I would say with your levels, you seem to be in good shape. Keep me posted!



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