Girl Or Boy When You Are Sick

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Kami - May 12

How true is it, when you have morning sickness you will have a girl and when you have none you will have a boy? Does anyone know if there is any validity to this or is it just a myth. I would like to hear from anyone who knows of someone who proves this old wives tale wrong. As for myself I feel great and therefore I believe I'm having a boy. Is this logical to predict?


Kristen - May 12

It wasn't true for me.. I was so sick with my first pregnancy - and it was a boy. I remember I could only keep crackers and oatmeal down for the first trimester. It was rough, so with me - the saying didn't prove true.


gracie - May 12

kami, i have had at least 3 friends who have been sick there first 5-7 months of preg and they all had girls and my sister and another friend hardly have any sickness just smells bother them and they are and had boys. i believe it!


Jodie - May 12

i had the opposite, with all my pregnancies ive had morning sickness but with my son it was the worst, the only thing i could stomach was orange juice and i lost so much weight the dr was ready to admit me to hospital. even the thought of putting food near my mouth made me vomit. this time around im not that bad but worse than when i had my daughter, so i would definately say its a myth


rach - May 13

had 3 girls and sick for weeks with all 3 hope this helps xx


Tricia - May 15

Hi , I really don't know about that because i was never sick and had a boy . My sister was never sick and had a girl . I know some people who were sick and had boy's and some who was never sick and had a girl . I think it just depends on the person..


nelly - May 15

in most cases it seems accurate i have a 5 year old daughter and i was sick and vomited with her for about a month and i am pregnant now i am 30 weeks now though and i had morning noon and night sickness for about 3 months. and iits a girl. my sis and my boss and some other coworkers that i work with have had boys and they said they never got sick.


JenniferB - May 15

I was sick the entire pregnancy, even had to take medication to keep anything down. I had a boy.


Heather - May 16

Was sick with my girls and my boy. Now I had terible gas with my boy and he had a ful head of hair and not with the girls and they were abt bald. :)


Kim - May 17

I was VERY sick with my first pregnancy. I was sick from week 5- week 17. I ended up having a boy.


jojo - May 17

I was sick with both of my boy now i am 7 weeks prenang and not sick at all



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