Glucose Tolerance Testing Anyone Done One So Early

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chrissy - January 5

i'm 10 weeks and i'm going tomorrow for a 3 hour glucose test...i was readign and have heard on other sites they usally dont do one until your like 26 to 28 wks.. with my son thats when i done one....but i have been so sick and thristy, tired the doc p___ked my finger and took 2 things of blood yesterday and tomorrow i go for the test... i cant eat!! and its that nasty orange stuff... if i eat anything orange it makes me so sick... i really dont wanna vomit and have to start over again... but anyway has anyone else took one so early...


E - January 6

I am having a serum glucose test instead of the GT test. I used to have low blood sugar and fainted from the GT test, so the doc opted for the blood test which will show the same results. It requires two visits rather than one. The first blood draw is after fasting (mornings preferable) and the second blood draw should be two hours post meal. I would call today and ask for this test if you are worried about the other kind. I am 28 weeks and will do mine this week. Yours seems early but it is possible they have reasons that they did not explain to you?


chrissy - January 6

well i went up there this morning... my doc. didnt tell me that i would have to stay in the lab for 4 hours..... with my son i was able to leave and come back every hour for the test..... i felt really bad already and i knew there was no way i would be able to sit there for 4 hours in them chairs with no book or mag. or tv or nothing.. they wasnt going to even let me walk around the hospital... nothing... so i said no way... i'm not doing... so they will have to come up with a better way.. cause i know their has to be a better way.. cause with my son it wasnt like that at all when i took it...


tyoak - January 7

I had the one hour test yesterday and I'm only 10 weeks. With my other 3 pregnancies I did have GD. The orange drink wasn't too bad.



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