Going Crazy

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Susanna - November 19

Need Support!!! I am 12 weeks and still have a very flat stomach. I am about 5'3'' and 110pds(have gained weight since I have been pregnant, so up to 121 now, but feel it is just from eating). Is anyone else this far along and have the same shape?


W - November 19

I do I am coming up to 11 weeks and dont even look pregnant, I have been told with ur 1st u dont begin to show until 20 weeks. I would just enjoy it, I dont want 2 be a fat cow yet LOL!


Paula - November 19

Happy you, enjoy it, as long as e/thing is ok, I wouldn't worry. Be happy, I'm 9 1/2 weeks and start showing Im wondering if thats good, and what it means, I havent been eating that much at all ! Good Luck to you


rue - November 29

Hi Susanna, I'm 9 1/2 weeks, 5'3'' and 112. I was about 106 lbs before the pregnancy. I too have worried that I've been eating way too much and gaining weight from this, but it's the only way for me to stave off the morning sickness. I eat all the time! My stomach's flat in the morning but bloated at night. I decided to start walking a couple miles a day to stay healthy and not worry too much about the weight or my shape. I figure I'm gonna be gaining more weight anyway. Hope this helps a little.


Lisa - November 29

Each person is different. I am 9 weeks now and have been showing for 2 weeks now. My clothes are tighter and I have a little bubble belly now.


candy - November 29

yes i hear ya im 5' 2 and i am in my 2nd month ,, and i use to weigh 145 and now i weigh 171 but i now i am on an good diet and eating good ,, and praying but all i can say that you can do is pray and ask god to help


Emma - December 1

Know what you mean - I am only 6 weeks and already my belly sticks out. I work in a gym so I am used to seeing a flat little tummy. My doctor told me that for people with little excess flesh around their tummy will generally show earlier as there is nothing for the uterus to hide behind?? I'm also wondering if it's twins. My brothers are fraternal twins and so are my partners brothers???


Beth - December 29

I'm 11 weeks and would kill to have a flat stomach, because I know the pooch I have is fat--not baby. I can't wait for the baby to show. But, be thankful you have (and started out with) a flat stomach


Jenn - December 29

My cousin never showed at all you wouldn't even know she was pregnant and she delivered a healthy 7 pound baby girl


Beth - December 30

How is it possible for your cousin to have a 7 lb. baby and never show???? Not even a bump? That is very difficult to believe


jules - August 23

it is possible, my husbands cousin barely even shown and gave birth to a healthy baby. no one knew she was prg...I asked a doc, they say some women are just like that. It is the way their body is built.



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