Good Or Bad Hcg Levels

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nickia3 - November 24

my dr says i am 5 weeks pregnant and i know i am between 3 and 4 weeks pregnant. i have had alot of ultra sounds and they dont see a baby just the sac. my hcg levels are 1729 is this good or bad i really need to know i dont want to lose this baby i just lost one on 9/11 please help


newlywed0915 - November 26

when I was 5 weeks I had some bleeding and went to the ER. They only saw the sac too, which is normal. You can't see much else for another week or so hun. I wouldn't worry.


nickia3 - November 26

thank you for your input its very help full i have never had this problem before though i already have 3 healthy kids but i did just have a miscarriage and a comb biopsy all in 2 months so thank you


kendra.marie - November 26

i don't know what my hcg levels are. i know at my prenatal when i was 7 weeks 2 days they took mine but i still don't know what my hcg levels were. so im not for sure. i wish you luck =]


kazforrest - November 26

your HCG levels are perfectly normal for 5 weeks but would be high for 3-4 weeks. Seeing just the sac at weeks not unusual. When do you next see your doctor


eastcoast - November 26

my hcg levels were just over 2000 at 5 weeks, so it sounds like yours are ok. I didn't have an ultrasound 'til I was 7 weeks, but if you're not bleeding/spotting then I wouldn't worry too much -there's a really huge range for hcg levels....the key is whether they're increasing (doubling) or not.


nickia3 - November 26

i have been bleeding and cramping and i see my doctor once a week and have an ultra sound once a week my hcg levels are doubling but i am only between 3 and 4 weeks along i know for sure and i just had a miscarriage on 9/11 but did not have all of the bleeding and cramping thats why i am so worried i go for another ultra sound Friday and also i get my levels checked again. my mid wife told me today that if i was having a miscarriage my levels would be going down so its probly just because i am so early and i hve had 2 surgerys in 2 months i hope every thing is well and they can see the baby friday



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