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Audrey - November 27

I have been having very positive pregnancy tests for the last three days. Tomorrow I am going to call the doctor and ask for a quant_tative blood test to confirm it... and I also want them to check to make sure my progesterone level is okay. I am very scared of a miscarriage, as I have had one before. Can you please tell me what a healthy progesterone level is? I want to make sure that I am okay it that arena. My doctor isn't very proactive, and I've got to ask for her to check things for me. Thanks so much! Also, what were your hcg levels at 4-5 weeks pregnant? Thanks so much!!!!


Audrey - November 28



Steph - November 28

Sorry, I never asked what any of my levels were and my doc never offered any info to I can't help ya, but congrats on your pregnancy!!


JS - November 28

The only information i can give you are my first numbers i got but they were at 6w6d. HCG - 109,000 and progesterone - 29. Hope that helps.


Becca D - November 28

Same here, I can give you my first numbers at 15 dpo....HCG -361 Progesterone 28


N - November 28

When they confirmed my pregnancy they also tested my progesterone. They said that over 12 is what they look for and i was at 112! I don't know why i was so high, but that is the info they gave me. I was just over 4 weeks at that point. I don't know waht my HCG levels are, but i know that you can do a search to find what HCG levels should be at different times in pregnancy. Hope this helps. Good luck and congratulations! :)


Audrey - November 28

Thanks to all of you who responded. Well, I got my results from my test back. At 15 dpo (which is today) my progesterone was at 35 and my hcg was at 100. Does a 100 hcg sound low? Becca D. Your hcg was at 361. Wow. Should I be worried? The doctor made it sound like it was normal... but am going again on Wed. to get another blood test to make sure my hcg is going up. Thanks!!


Becca D - November 29

Audrey - Each persons levels are different, one is not better than the long as they double as they should - everything should be ok. Good luck to you!!! I am praying mine goes well as well.



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