Got An Unplanned Positive Yesterday A Little Scared

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Nat22 - April 24

Well I took a test yesterday because I was 9 days late for AF, and it came out positive..... I suddenly became so incredibly scared just because it wasn't planned. I have been under an incredible amount of stress lately so I thought I was late because of that. I know everything will be okay and I my dh is very excited about it, but why do I feel so incredibly scared and overwhelmed? I know that most women on this site are planning for their pregnancies, so I don't know if anyone will understand my fears. My dh and I have wanted a baby, but we were planning on waiting longer....I just don't know how to calm myself down


linzee - April 24

i understand exactly how your feeling. my pregnancy was completely unplanned. my DH and i wanted children, but like you, we planned on waiting til we were both a little older and more secure. we can afford it now, but it will be a little tight at first. my DH was exstatic, whereas i was happy too but also nervous and scared. i stayed nervous and scared until my first appointment, where i was able to see the baby, and the baby's heartbeat. after that, im not nervous and scared about the baby. im so excited i dont think this pregnancy will go by fast enough. im still nervous and scared, but only that something will happen, not about having the baby. just give yourself time. your still in shock. everything will turn out fine, especially after you see your baby


momof3 - April 24

As much as all three of my babies were wanted, none of them were actually "planned". It was scary to find out about each of them in the beginning, but as time went on ,I realized it was meant to be. It seemed to fit into our lives every time in the end. Babies come on there own time this is for sure, some women can't get pregnant when they "plan" it for a certain time, or spend months trying ang get stressd b/c they can't get pregnant. It is natural to be freaking out right now...but in time you will not beable to imagine your life any other way. Everything happens for a reason! Enjoy your little miracle!


kelley32 - April 25

My first pregnancy was not planned, and to make matters worse, DH and I had only been dating for 3 months so it was a complete shock ... he told me that my eyes almost popped out when the positive appeared on the test. Point is, everything worked out ... we got married before our daughter was born, and I am now pg with #2 ... my little girl is the best thing that could have happened to us, I can't imagine life without her. You'll be just fine.


Susan W - April 25

My first and third were not planned. Oddly, the one I planned down to practically the minute of conception didn't stick. I was not happy about baby #1, to the point I got really depressed. But it all worked out. And even after having already done it once, when I found out about baby #2, I felt overwhelmed. And then when I found out about baby #3, conceived just 3 weeks after the loss of baby #2, I really felt overwhelmed and utterly terrified. And I'm older, I have already established my career (well enough that I walked away to stay home and raise my babies), I own a home and cars and stuff, long-term marriage, all that. It's the idea of being responsible for this little person that gets us. So give yourself some time. If you are still feeling overwhelmed and upset by the end of the first trimester, I would say find someone to talk to as you may need treatment for depression, which is actually very common during pregnancy, and to monitor for postpartum depression. But eventually you won't be able to imagine a different life. It always works out.


voilet06 - April 25

I know exactly how you feel! i just put on a message "scared to death" and its so scarey to me- i thought i would have a little more time to become preg. we weren;t exactly preventing it but now that its real i don't know what to think! just know that i have to same feelings - we can get through this together!


MM - April 26

DH & I were not trying to prevent a pregnancy but I was still shocked. I have really screwy periods so I thought it would take quite awhile longer for us to get pregnant. We have been married about a year & a half now. I am excited & happy but also TERRIFIED because I am going to be responsible for a little person soon.


Nat22 - April 27

Thank you all for your words of encouragement and comfort! I do feel a little better now that it has actually "set in" that I am truly pregnant. Monday afternoon I took another test thinking "maybe the first was wrong and I'm getting worked up over nothing", but sure enough BRIGHT positive right away. :) I guess there is no "perfect" time for a baby and I suppose this was just meant to be. The shock of it all is almost gone now and now I find myself putting my hand on my belly thinking of the little one growing inside of me. I Have my first ultrasound on May 16th, so i'm excited to see my baby! Again, thanks for all the encouragement! If anyone is in the same boat as me and wants to talk, my e-mail is [email protected] Thnaks again everyone!!!


mandee25 - April 30

I am 11w and 2 d pregnant with my first at the age of 25 and my dh and I only tried for a month so when I discovered I was pregnant I was in total shock! I am still a bit nervous and excited all at the same time but I am not as scared as I was at first. Congrats and God Bless!



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