Grrr Can T Figure Out The Due Date

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momma3tobe - January 30

Okay, I had my IUD removed Oct. 3rd, had some bleeding and had what I would consider a period on the 13th and then my next period started on the 14th of Nov. so that would make my cycle 30 days right? (I can only go on those two months because I have not had a period in 5 years because I was pregnant for 2 years straight and then had an IUD for 3 yrs) So I got an Aug. 24th due date at first and then it got pushed back and at my last appt (last Monday) she said I felt like I was 10 wks instead of 9wks and then I do the due date calculator and it says I am 12 wks (instead of 11wks) so what the heck is going on??


ginger6363 - January 30

You should go by the number your nurse or doctor gave you, but keep in mind that if it was given using an ultrasound the dates can be off plus or minus a week or two. The nurse or doctor should be able to date you again next time you go in for a more final date. You might be confused, b/c you can not always go by the date of your LMP---not everyone's cycles are the normal 28 days. For example, my LMP was 11/24/06 and that would make me 10w5d, but b/c I was charting and temping I know my ovulation date was later than it should have been and I am actually 8w2d. When I had my first u/s I was measured at (last week) 7w3d, which is pretty much what I was guessing based on my ovulation date, not my LMP. Without knowing your exact ovulation date, the best you can do is go by the number your nurse/doctor is giving you. Good luck!


KitCat - February 2

I'm not sure how your ob figures due dates, but I think the rule of thumb around here is ......take the first date of your last af and add a week, then subtract three months. So if your last af was on Nov. 14th, you add a week making it Nov. 21st, and then subtract three months....your due date comes out to August 21st. So, it sounds like both dates are pretty close. When I was pg with my ds, the first day of my last af was Sept. 9th, so his due date was June 16th. I hope this helps. Good luck with your pregnancy.



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