Had Any Cravings

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RG - March 31

I'm 8w tomorrow and wondering when these cravings start in that everyone talks about. Right now, I have no symptoms other than occasional cramping...and a little nauseous when I think about certain foods, like today, the thought of a greasy hamburger turned my stomach. I'm ready to make my hubby run out at 2am on a search for pickles and peanut butter icecream...he he he!


D - March 31

I'm 11 weeks (getting close to 12! hurrah!) and I've not experienced a craving yet! There are definately some things I can stand, and some that make me sick... But nothing that just calls to me and begs me to eat it...


Misty - March 31

Someone had started a thread similar to this one a long time ago. It amazes me how it is so common for pregnant women to crave pickles chopped up and mixed into things. I love pickles....when I'm not pregnant. With my first pregnancy and this one though the though of pickles makes me sick. Greasy hamburgers though, I know what you mean with that one. If it is fried the though of eating it turns my stomach. I can just imagine the grease squishing into my mouth when I take a bite. Yuck. :-o~~


D - March 31

Ugh! you're making me sick too! I can't even think about grease.


RG - March 31

That's so funny that all 3 of us have this ucky grease phobia. I'm scared if I eat it....okay, never mind. :) I guess cravings are just your body needing something, like with pickles it could be the salt. I know sometimes when it got close to period time, I'd crave protein, like steak or chicken...no veggies, just meat.


D - March 31

My only "safe" things to eat is toast and fruit. And sometimes not even the fruit. We've got a bakery in town, and I think I'll be most of their business for awhile! The toast has to be fresh bread - I can't stand it if I can taste preservatives.


Misty - March 31

On the other thread they had pickles in Ice cream-"because it gave it a good texture, almost frozen" and pickles in spaghetti, just doesn't sound appealing to me. And fried food was my favorite thing before I became pregnant. I couldn't go 3 days without having something fried. Now it has been weeks.


Gwiip - April 1

A friend craved tamarillos (tree tomatos) on toast. The meal gave her the bott and then she felt much better no more cravings. She won the werid craving award amoungst us.


Penny - April 1

Mexican food- that's all that I have wanted. Its dying down somewhat, but the thought of any kind of meat, like chicken makes me sick. The fried food sounds nasty as well, however with limited choices the other day I had a grilled cheese and fries and was feeling ill for the rest of the day. Nothing too wierd, but I didn't crave anything too wierd with my other two either. :)


Oli - April 1

Hey guys. I am suspecting pregnancy but dont really think I have n e cravings...there are some things, however, that are now making my stomach turn...I used to have sweet potatoes at last once a week but now if I look at them I wanna gag...and get this: water. Yep...I would drink approx. 3 bottles a day on average and now I can barely sip it, and when I do...u can say ir gives me 'the runs'. Anyone else have this experience with water?


Tanya - April 1

I am 12 weeks on Tuesday and I have had some pretty interesting cravings. Tonight I had a craving for a hot fudge sundae with pecans and whip cream from Dairy Queen. I am the type of person that says no to those kind of cravings but my body was begging me for it. When I ate the sundae it was the best! I think it was the combiation of the salty and the sweet together that my body needed. I'm going to have to watch the intake of my junk food but it is so hard when you have a craving!!!!


Lisa - April 1

Tanya- had to writre in- I just had a craving for a hot fudge sundae and asked DH to go get ice cream and hot fudge!! I;m 11w2d - somthing about the sweet is really appealing right now (I also normally don't eat a lot of sweets- rarely- I like them but I am not one that craves them).. it was soooo good!



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