Had First Ultra Sound Soooo Cute

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kim j. - March 25

Well I finally found out how far along I am. I am 7 weeks and my due date is Nov. 11th. I saw and heard the heartbeat. So exciting! Our son is 6 so we are doing this all over again. The baby hr was 145 beats per min. and I guess everything else looked good. I feel like c__p though. Always sick and very tired. I cant wait for this to pass. Anyone else due around the same time?


Kim - March 25

Congratulations! I love good news! My first u/s is today so I'll have my due date then. At this time, I am estimating it to be around 10/30.


kim j. - March 25

Well let us know how it goes.. Good luck. We should keep each other updated since we a so close. I dont go back for my next apt until April 19. That is when my us and due date will be discussed. There seems to be alot of women due in oct. How exciting!


cara - March 25

Hi Kim-I'm also due 11/11-so excited! First baby. I guess you're not feeling great! I don't have morning sicknessjust REALLY tired. My dr appointment is 4/6-the dr said I had to wait until I was 8 or 9 weeks until she'd see me.Congrats on the great news!


Kelly K - March 25

I had my second ultrasound done Tuesday (first they couldn't see anything at 5 weeks) and he put me at 7.4 weeks. We got to see and hear the heartbeat too so I know exactly how you are feeling now. I'm due November 4th, but I'm sure that'll change again.


kat - March 25

happy to hear things are going well for you kim :o)


Stephanie - March 25

I had my u/s at 7weeks 6 days we saw the heartbeat at 178 but the Dr. told me that we would not be able to hear the heartbeat until 10 weeks at least. And I am pretty skinny. 28 yrs 5'4 and 117 lbs.


baygirl - March 25

congratulations! i am supposedly due on nov. 12 which puts me at 7 weeks pregnant too. my ultrasound is next week. just like you, i am really tired as the day progresses. just slight nausea though. really sore chest. today i have mild cramping, did anyone experience something similar? perhaps uterus growing? (i am a little concerned since i m/c back in sept.). anyone have advice? thanks so much!


Kim - March 25

I got to see my little bean today! My Doctor said that I am about 8 weeks 3 days and puts my due date around 10/31 or 11/01. It was just a basic u/s but we heard the heartbeat loud and clear and he said that everything looked great. I have another appt. in 2 weeks and then in 4 weeks they will do another u/s. I am so happy since I have very little symptoms and needed this for rea__surance.


Stephanie - March 25

Are you saying that you actually heard the heartbeat b/c my Dr. told me that you cannot hear it until the earliest 10 weeks so now I'm kinda mad b/c I asked my Dr. after the u/s "can I listen to the heartbeat" and that is when he told me that it is too soon (7wks 6 days)


Stephanie-cont - March 25

Ohhh.. and he told me that thats the soonest being skinny. He said weeks later for big girls but Im only 5'4 and 117 and thats at 11 wks pregnant right now!


Kim - March 25

Stephanie - I thought the same thing, and so I was in shock when my Doctor turned the sound up and we heard it. I have heard that you can hear the hearbeat as early as 6 or 7 weeks with a v____al u/s but mine was regular and we heard it anyway. We did not hear it with a doppler, I don't think, just through a very basic machine. That may be what your Doctor is referring to by 10 weeks. Good luck! PS - I am of average weight but I have never heard that that plays a factor in what the Doctor can hear.



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