Had Good U S At 6 Weeks But Still So Nervous Of M C

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Veronica - March 5

Hi I am 6 weeks pregnant. It took us almost two years ttc. We were just about to start a round of clomid and IUI when we found out we were naturally pregnant! I am insanely nervous. I feel it is too good to be true. We saw the heartbeat at 6 weeks. I spotted that night freaked out then went back the next day for another ultrasound. Everything checked out okay. So every cramp I feel or every now and then I wipe and it is brownish or faint red I freak out. I think about it almost every minute of the day. Is this normal? Is anyone else feeling this way? Does the chances of a m/c drop when a heart beat is seen? Thanks for your help.


Monica - March 5

Hi. I know how you feel. Last year I was just about 11 weeks pregnant when I found out that the baby had stopped developing at around 5 weeks. I didn't even know that anything was wrong. I just went in for a checkup and told the doc that I had a tiny bit of spotting. That made him want to check my uterus, which he said felt small. I went through a whole series of ultrasounds and blood tests only to find out that it was a nonviable fetus and that I needed a D&C. That was last June. Now, I am 9 weeks pregnant and had an ultrasound done at 6 weeks since I was worried that the same thing would happen. We saw a tiny baby and a strong beating heart. But, like you, I have that constant fear in the back of my mind with any little ache. But, so far so good. I am trying to think positive because that is all I can do right now. The doctor told me that once you see a heartbeat the chances of a m/c are much less likely. Each day I am just thankful to have my symptoms of nausea and sore/large b___sts as a sign that everything is progressing normally. I don't think we can ever know that it will all be ok until the baby actually comes. I even told my mom not to buy anything for the baby until I am pa__sed 12 weeks. Try to think positively as much as you can. I hope this helps. Sorry it was so long. Take care.



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