Had My U S Today And I Am So Sad

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lauralockwood - January 9

To what I thought was 7 wks 4 days I am only measuring 6 wks 4 days I know the first day of my last period was 11/17. By the measurements of my uterus and sac they are saying I am 1 week behind. Even at 6 wks and 4 days They should have seen something in the sac, and they saw nothing. Could it still be to early. or are my dreams of having a little one shot down again with a 3rd miscarriage.


stefkay - January 9

hi laura, did you have a previous ultrasound that measured off or showed nothing? If so, when was it?


lauralockwood - January 9

Yes, I had an u/s last wednesday (so exactly 1 week ago) They didn't see anything then either. I am trying to get the measurements from that u/s because the tech didn't tell me.


stefkay - January 9

So by last period, you think you should be 7 weeks 4 days today and you are measuring 6 weeks 4 days? I would say that isn't too far off dates, wise but more than likely a heartbeat should be seen at that point, or at least something in the sac. What you want to look for is if the last ultrasound 1 week ago showed you measuring 5 weeks 4 days...that would mean at least that growth is occuring as it should. I hope this turns out well!!! Crossing my fingers for you...


lauralockwood - January 9

Thank you! I have been trying to get ahold of my Dr's office ALL day. I hope to get an answer tomorrow


softbreeze200 - January 9

Oh Laura. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you that all works out ok. I know how you are feeling. You are inmy thoughts. I hope you hear from your dr. office soon. Kep us posted.


bOsSy415 - January 9

hey laura, ive been throught a similar situation i had my ultra sound at 8 weeks from my last period and when they measured the baby, it measured at 6 and a half weeks. he told me its normal and that sometimes you ovulate later than u think as long as your not off by 6 weeks a weeks should be ok. im now 12 weeks....and eveythings been going fine with me so far. just think positive, the mind is more powerful than you think. you'll be fine.


HeavenisMine - January 9

My baby measured nearly a week behind for awhile there when I was pregnant. I imagined if I had gotten an ultrasound at what I thought was 6weeks4 days I would not have seen anything. Just saying it is not too far off. I sure hope everything is alright with you!! We're all keeping our fingers crossed.:)


FrancesM - January 10

Laura, glad you were able to get back into the Dr. I hope everything ends up ok for you! My fingers are crossed for you!



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