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stefanie - July 20

is it safe to dye your hair during pregnancy?


Laura - May 23

Stephanie, I don't know if it's really safe but if you're not sure maybe you should just do without hair dye for a while? I have heard that the chemicals in hair dye are toxic, expecially in the darker colours. I dye my hair black normally but I don't think I'm going to anymore now that I'm pregnant. I'd just rather not take any chances at harming my baby, although like I said I don't really know if it's that bad for you.


Cheryl - May 27

My Aunt is a hairdresser and she strongly advises against dying or perming hair while pregnant. A certain amount of chemicals are absorbed into the blood stream...


Medusa - June 4

No hair color in the first tweleve weeks for sure, while the baby is developing. After twelve weeks we just have growth in the womb, so the midwife says it's okay, as long as you are well ventilated and try not to get too much on your scalp. Wear gloves, or better yet, have someone else apply it for you. I went natural haired in my first pregnancy and looked horrible, but with this one, my second, I shall be coloring my hair at 14 weeks and each 8 weeks thereafter. My midwife says she advises this same info to all her patients: but remember, NO dye in the first trimester.


Danielle - June 9

NO!!!!are you crazy? of course you can't!


Your mom - June 9

i dont want you coming to these sights!


Denise - June 15

When I asked my doctor he quickly responded "Sorry, you are NOT dying your hair." After further research to see if there were any safe dyes to use during pregnancy, I was further convinced that this wasn't a chance that I was willing to take. To keep my roots blonde I may just use a little lemon juice and the hot sun.


Beth - July 4

I am a hair stylist and am 7 weeks pregnant myself with my third baby(I had twins first, they are 16 now). All of my co-workers have all had babies as well and all are well and healthy and we are in hair color all day long! A good colorist won't get color on scalp anyway, therefore no absorption into the bloodstream. Hair color on the scalp is a no-no in the board of cosmetology handbook anyway! There may be a slight color change because of chemical changes in the body, but a simple strand test should be performed always.


Lily - July 20

My doctor said it was okay as long as it was amonia free. I found a good Clairol hair dye I've been using all nine months without amonia and it works wonderful, especially without the god awful smell of hair dye.



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