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18wbabynov - May 2

this will sound really really weird. but a few days ago i overheard someone where i work (a children's museum) saying that she had to shave her pubic hair in order to deliver her baby... do people really HAVE to do this!??!?! eew. sorry for the ewwwiness... but now i have to know! another eew question, but has anyone's hair around their belly button gotten thicker and darker? i know im weird... but im just curious! thanks... lol


JESS1980 - May 2

Hi! First of all, the hair around my belly b___ton has gotten A LOT darker/thicker since I've been pregnant. It's good to know that I'm not the only one! :-) Also, as I understand it, it is common practice these days for the hospital to shave your pubic hair before you give birth. All the women I've ever known who had babies ALL had their pubic hair shaved at the hospital. And I agree..... it is ewwwwwwy!


18wbabynov - May 2

thank you sooo much for answering... i thought everyone would just be grossed out... but thanks for the insite! and nope, ure not alone on the darker belly b___ton hair... its sooo weird... lol (o:


olivia - May 2

The belly b___ton hair is kinda gross. When I was pregnant with my first my husband and I joked that it must be attached to the babies head. As for shaving, they were not going to shave me with my first, I ended up with an emergency c-section, so at the last minute they shaved the very top most part of my pubic hair. I really have not heard of any v____al birth moms being shaved recently. Some of them I know have shaved themselves, or trimmed, before labor. Believe me, once you get to that point, if your hopital does it, it will be the last thing you care about!


mandie - May 2

Wow, and I thought I was the only hormone affected prego woman! My belly b___ton hair has also gotten thicker and darker. That's one that you don't read about in books, so I thought I was just a little weird (love those Italian genes, thanks Mom!) I actually started plucking some of the really noticeable hairs out, now I'm afraid that I'll have to do that forever...imagine going in for regular bikini and belly b___ton waxes! LOL :-)


knpandrews - May 2

Well as far as the shaving pubic hair for delivery i think that is a question that alot of women ponder but dont want to ask. Kuddos to you for asking. Actually funny that I read this today because today I was at a day spa like i normally go to and today i was reading the phamplet and saw that they have pregnancy waxing. It is for women who are going to get ready for labor. They pretty much take care of everything from belly b___ton down. In reference to the hair around the belly b___ton... my hair is getting darker by the day it seems. :) oh well... well worth all the issues in the end. Hope all is well.


18wbabynov - May 2

wow, this really is something that happens to normal people... the whole belly b___ton thing... why dont they write that in all these books ive read... jeez... if they miss that, what else am i gonna go through that they dont tell me about!? lol. thanks for all of your responses! it helps me to know that im not just crazy... haha...


San_dee - May 3

ha ha this is so funny!!! i hav got darker belly hair aswell as i did also with my first, wait tillyou get the dark line that appears from your bellyb___ton to your pubic bone. ive never heard of anyone being shaved b4, i got the top of mine shaved with my first cos i was about to be put in for an emergency c-section but never ended up having it :) but i do remember just b4 going to hospital with my first jumpin in the shower to give myself a little trim.. lmao, things we absess about cracks me up


frankschick2001 - May 3

I have never known anyone to have their pubic hair shaved.


Jennifer28 - May 3

Hey girls. I was worried that my belly b___ton hair seemed to be getting a bit out of control... I wonder if it doesn't have something to do w/ the prenatal vitimins. It does make the hair on your head grow faster! Plus, I have had a few comments of people asking me if I have recently colored my hair b/c it looks darker... makes me really wonder...


olivia - May 3

It is just the hormones that do it, not the prenatal vitamins. I think it is the male hormone in our bodies goes up a bit and causes these not so cute dark hairs. As far as darkening of head hair, my sister in law went from a naturally whitish blonde, to a darker shade during and after pregnancy. So I guess it can darken your hair too!


mandee25 - May 6

I really don't want someone else shaving my "downstairs". Mandie......that's so cute......belly b___ton waxes!!!


coulditbe7 - May 12

I have had 3 babies,never shaved me, I am 5 weeks I too have dark hairs on my navel area,thats how I can tell Im preg.



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