Happy But Feeling Down

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faith2faith - February 12

anyone in their 1st trimester, feeling a bit down, even though you are happy about the baby... or maybe it is just me...


flipthea - February 12

I felt blue sometimes......I was so tired during the 1str trimester which is almost over for me. I'm almost 13 weeks(this Wed.). I cried a lot, just about everything. Actually I still do that. Sometimes I would be laughing and then crying! LOL.


ChattyKathy - February 12

Absolutely not. I am one week away from getting out of the first trimester, and I'll tell you, it wasn't until my 11th week that I was actually able to feel happy about this pregnancy. Maybe it was the m/s, the being tired, the hip pain, whatever... but I just could NOT get myself to be as happy as I logically knew I could be about it! And you know it only makes things worse when you have people tell you "You're pregnant just BE HAPPY!" It might be another one of those hormone things, but trust me it does get a lot easier as time goes on. One day I just started feeling so much better about everything. I made a baby registry whereas the week before I didn't want to even look at anything baby related. You're perfectly normal! Let yourself feel down if thats how you feel, and stay positive knowing that this, too, shall pa__s. =)


mommy fin - February 12

I think it is hard to be happy when your body just tells you to sleep all of the time. But with my first two it got better in my 2nd trimester. And Like ChattyKathy said this will all be over before you know it and then you will have you little one to in joy.


faith2faith - February 13

thank you ladies, for a moment there i thought something was wrong with me..i am am just counting the days so i can pa__ss over this, actually, i am trying to stay busy, but i get tired aso easily, i just hit the bed.


debbie80 - February 13

Faith- I am the same way....I have not been able to get excited about this pregnancy due to two previous m/c. I am almost 12 weeks and I go to the doctors on Thursday for u/s. I am just hoping that things are okay in there...I havent really felt prego lately...I think its because I have shield up for protecting..hopefully I will be able to let that down one way or another after this appiontment...I am just so nervous though...so I can relate to you =)


Allisonc79 - February 16

It was hard for me to look at pregnancy magazines when I was first pregnant and feeling nauseated. For some reason it made me feel sicker. Especially at my OBs office, you just need a break mentally sometimes from it because it can all feel so overwhelming at times.


Cathy2 - February 16

It's nice to know I'm not the only one...shopping for new clothes actaully made me cry yesterday becuase I truly felt to tired to shop! Can you imagine! I start weeping at the slightest thing, and actually felt a little depressed yesterday for the first time...I'm jsut so d__n tired, and tired of feeling sick and tired!



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