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GimmeaBub - October 11

I went to the dr on Monday after getting my very obvious BFP'S. Well, they said my HCG levels were still low i am only about 5 weeks, and my report came back that they needed to restest ina weeks time to make sure that they had doubled. So my dr basically said Your pregnant but your not pregnant at the moment, they cant officially say I am pregnant till my levels rise. He told me to keep an eye out for bleeding or cramping havnt had anything yet, worried my bean isnt holding on, Have any of you guys had this? a positive Hpt, and unsure blood test? I am still getting BFP'S but i have to wait till monday to get myblood redone.


jennifer_33106 - October 11

That is probably the dumbest thing I have ever heard a doctor day. The usual amount of HCG in a womans system is 5. Most HPTs detect this when it is around 50. You are pregnant if you had a positive test. Especially after several. Besides doctors always always always do follow up blood test to ensure it is doubling. That is nothing abnormal. I am p__sed he would tell you basically Your pregnant but not really. You cant be both, When I went for my conformation of my pgy, I had like 8 positive HPTs and when I got to the doctors office theirs was negative. haha. But my doctor a week before had checked my progesterone levels and the results were at a 19 so he told me I was but they had to do a blood test anyways. Maybe they messed up your test or mixed them up and are tryin to cover their a__ses. Regardless until you know for sure and I mean beyond a shadow of a doubt, treat your self like you are pgt. Take you prenatals and stay away from potentially harmful things like cigarrettes and alcohol. I just cant believe that was said to you.


Chris1975 - October 11

Gabby - i agree with Jennifer - if you got a BPF on a urine test, your DEFINATELY pregnant. Every woman is different with HCG levels...at 4 weeks the range is: 5 - 426 mIU/ml ; 5 weeks :18 - 7,340 mIU/ml ; and at 6 weeks 1,080 - 56,500 mIU/ml so you can see the huge range there. as long as its doubling from what it was every 3-5 days, your ok. Also, you could be a week earlier than you think if you arent totally regular (happened to me!) Try not to worry! (impossible i know!). Ill have my fingers crossed for your bloodwork on Monday :)


autumnsmommy - October 11

If the doctor only did a yes/no (qualative) test how does he know your levels are too low? If it came back positive than your pregnant. Wouldn't he have to do a quantative (hcg beta) to know what your levels are and to know if they're too low? It just doesn't make any sense that he'd say that with that kind of a blood test! Maybe he wants you to come back so he can draw a quantative and get the actual numbers. I think they did screw up and want to cover their b___ts too! Good luck!


autumnsmommy - October 11

P.S.- Can your primary care physician order a quantative test for you? I had mine do it for me when my OB's office wouldn't. They can do it and have your results back the same day at most places.


cynnababy - October 11

If it's a qualitative hcg test, then your doctor should not say that it's too low. If you had quant_tative blood test, then it would tell the level you are at now, and your doc should repeat in 48-72 hours to see if it double, not a week. You should see a different doctor. Some ppl got BFP on HPT, but low hcg and ended up with chemical pg. I hope this is not your case.


Rainbowbrite - October 11

Gimme- i was not in your same shoes but honestly if you got a bfp on a home test there is no doubt you're pregnant... he probably just wants to make sure it doubles... which could mean you implated late and are JUST showing the levels in your blood... I know this is hard but REALLY REALLY Try to not stress yourself out... you're in the beginning of pregnancy and really don't need this stress... You know you're pregnant and everyone else on here knows you're pregnant. he was obviously just trying to prepare you for the worst but honestly you don't need a doctor to do that to you!!! you're already having such scared feelings within yourself. My recommendation is find yourself a new doctor to go to and tell them about what happened... and i'm sure they'll be alot more compa__sionate... Alot of things i hear about doctors these days really surprise me because mine is really a good doctor and i feel everyone should have a good doctor... mine hugs me and congratulates me everytime i go into her office.... and i think everyone should have that... don't let this doctor put the fear in you like that when it need not be... Take good care of yourself- prenatal vitamins, rest, lots of water, good healthy foods and just try to relax!


HeavenisMine - October 11

That is pretty silly. You ARE pregnant. My levels were low at the beginning of my pregnancy, at least according to any doctor. I didn't do all of that kind of testing because frankly I didn't want to know, my doctor knew that. I don't go by hcg levels, they are different for every woman, and unless they are dropping, shouldn't be so much of a concern, often times they get women rattled up for no good reason when the baby is just fine. Take it easy, and if you haven't any bleeding or cramping, take that as a positive sign!:)


ChattyKathy - October 11

The range for HCG levels is extreme although some doctors prefer your levels to be in a certain range. It doesn't really matter what your level is as long as they are doubling, so don't lose hope yet.


GimmeaBub - October 11

Thanks for the rea__surance guys, I feel alot, and i mean alot better now, I know everything will probably be fine cause i feel like this pregnancy is sticking, I havnt had any cramps or bleeding or anything i am still get nauseas and now i cant even lay on my chest at nite, but other than that i feel great, and DF says everything looks great too, cause he compared my first ever first response to me latest one now, and he said that there is definatly a rise, So I am happy. I am going away this weekend to DF'S Fathers and Step moms, so i wont be back till Sunday, (he's stepmom is a psychic too lol!) All going well over the next coupla days i will be 6 weeks on Wednesday, I go to my dr early monday morning, then back again late monday afternoon, I know everything will be fine. Baby Juice Girls and thanks for making me feel better!


Gemini_Girl - October 13

Hi Im sure you are fine and u are pregnant! I took 2 HPT which were both positive, when I went to the GP's they said that was enough confirmation for them and there was no point in repeating the same test again, I live in scotland UK and its not routine to do HCG tests here, I was so nervous when going for my 12wk scan incase there was nothing there, but of course there was a little baby! :)



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