Has Anyone Else Noticed Their Belly Button Getting Hairer

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Sarah - April 6

I'm 11 weeks pregnant and in the past week or so I've noticed that the hairs around my belly button have got quite dark! Has anyone else come across this?


sml - April 6

Hi Sarah.... I am not experiencing this but I can tell you it is normal... my neice is 4 months and she has gotten this and it is because of the hormones she was told. She actually has a line of dark hair running down her stomach all the way down. It will go away she has been told.


teresa - April 6

yes, ive noticed the same thing.. Im 18.5 weeks, started a few weeks ago..


Sarah - April 6

It's just so weird and I'm fair haired and not a particularly hairy person (normally)! Glad to know I'm not the only one out there turning into a hairy monkey!


Lily - April 6

*LOL* yes....weird ain't it? *LOL*


Robyn - April 6

You know what I have noticed? All my body hair is like growing hella faster than normal. Not necesarily my tummy hair but I swear I shave my legs and pluck my eyebrows and the next day I look in the mirror like woah! Its weird and I was told that was completely normal because of hormones. I figure anything goes down blame it on hormones! LOL


sarah - April 7

Yep me too, I have to shave my legs everyday now and end up with a 5 o'clock shadow! LOL!


milissa - April 8

Well just to let ya all know with my first pregnancy I got hairy! my belly really bad they to told me after preger's it go's away..YA 2 and ahalf years later I'm still waiting for it all to go away! i had a c-section I 'm not sure if that has something to do with it? I am now 7 wks I sure hope it does not get any wores!! good luck all


lilmum - April 8

i know what you mean. Not only is the hair growing faster, it seems to be growing LONGER. the hairs on my tummy were 1/4 of an inch at most, and they're getting closer to an inch long now (it's SO gross). This happened to me with my first baby too, and it went away, but the worst part was the bigger i got, the more the hairs stood straight outwards! it made it impossibly itchy because they would poke through my shirts! I found it helped it i cut them (not shave, just sort of trim). LOL, welcome to pregnancy i guess!


Sarah - April 9

Hi lilmum, just out of curiosity, did you have a boy or girl last pregnancy? I've heard that this could mean a surge in testosterone and mean I'm having a boy?!


lilmum - April 9

as a matter of fact i did have a little boy.


lilmum - April 9

Oh and congrats on your baby!



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