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Chimerasai - October 26

I know cramping is normal, but it is driving me crazy with worry. I am hoping hearing your experiences will help. Did you cramp? what were they like? and how long did they last? THANKS!!!!!


buffy2297 - October 26

Chimerasai, I have the opposite problem I'm due 30th June and I don't have any cramping. I did before I tested that's how I knew I was pregnant but nothing now since 13dpo. I remember having it with my daughters pregnancy so I figure that it's normal to have cramping hence why I'm worried I'm not getting any!!! I'm sure I had them till about 10 weeks. They were very mild though. In fact I have very little symptoms this time I'm tired, urinating more than normal. Nothing else to report. My temps have remained high. I hate the first 14 weeks just filled with worry.


^lucy^ - October 27

chimerasai, its normal to have mild cramps in the first few weeks cz ur uterus is expanding and preparing itself to hold a growing baby inside u.. i dont have real cramps.. just a few mild ones when i go to bed maybe cz im stretching a lot then lol.. buffy, with dd, i had much more symptoms than im having now too.. do u think 2nd pregnancies are easier to handle?!


NervousLiz - October 27

I had mild cramping for a few weeks early on. It wasn't severe, but definitely noticable. I had a lot of cramping with my 1st pregnancy and everything turned out great. As long as it isn't severe, I don't think you need to worry.


Missie76 - October 28

I've had mild cramping strarting at 7 weeks. I am now 12 weeks 3 days and still have mild cramping. As long as there is no bleeding you are fine.


adaba - October 29

am 4 weeks &2 days have been having light cramping and brown Cm and yet the hpt i did today the line is not dark as the control line. though am just 2 days late. do u think am ok


Shal - October 29

Hi Chime, thought i'd reply to you here, i'm still having the cramping too, last night i was convinced that it was going to be game over for me it was that bad. but i had a nice warm bath and relaxed and they went away after a couple of hours. i feel fine now.


IsabellasMommy - November 13

Missie, it's not always true that if you cramp but don't bleed you're fine. I had a m/c in July and didn't bleed at all. I cramped, not alot, but enough to be uncomfortable. I went to my OB and found out that neither of my twins had a heartbeat. I was about 11 weeks pregnant then. The best advice I can give to anybody that is cramping is that if you are worried about it, call your OB and see if you can get an appointment to see them. Most OBs are really understanding and will get you in.


austynsmommy - November 19

I had horrible cramping with this pregnancy. I guess it was fine because I'm now 33 weeks pregnant .It felt just like I was about to start my period. Congrats on your pregnancy.


countrymom - November 19

OH yeah. I had cramping off and on my whole pregnancy which was uneventful and normal.


countrymom - November 19

Also, it was strongest at 4-6 weeks and again at the end. Felt like menstrual cramps. If there's not bleeding, I'd not worry about it at all.


helenale17 - November 20

Hello all, i got pregnant with the IUD the took it out on the 7th week, after that i was spotting but it went away, well i went to the ultrasound and everything was fine, but the week after 10th week i was having cramps like when you get your period i could sleep that night i thought i was going to have a m/c but i went to the OB they took an ultrasound and everything is fine, i have 2 boy and non of them gave this bad time, everyone says im having the girl but i dont know well just to let you know they say cramping it is normal and i am 11 weeks now and i still have them.


cyndilea1973 - November 21

I too had a lot of cramping in the beginning all the way up to about 12 weeks or so and would cringe everytime I went to the bathroom thinking I might see blood. I am now 32 weeks along and all is going well. I have had 4 m/c and with all of them I had cramping and spotting (brown and/or pink) early on, with this pg I only had tugging cramps and no spotting.


marshy1 - November 28

I'm so pleased I found this forum. If I am pg, then I am 4 weeks (or there about- my last period was 1st Nov). I have been having cramping on and off like I'm about to start my period, but only had white or clear CM. Am terrified that I will see blood- and I haven't taken a test yet as it is only tomorrow that my period will be due, though I've never had a regular cycle. I figured that usually, I would have a specific type of cramp just before I began to bleed, and that type of cramp has been happening of the past week but nothing other than the CM I mentioned. I know how you feel Chimerasai, its very scary. Despite the fact that I still don't know either way. I suppose I know if I see blood its definitely over.


jenniegump - November 29

Hi ladies, I believe my due date would be July 9th. I am 9 wks today. It's been kind of a rocky start. I have been off the pill for about 2 years after being on it for 10 years, which I know is a long time but I never thought it would take this long to get pregnant. I found out on Oct.20th I was pregnant and then about 5 days later I started spotting not much but enough to make me worry. I called the pregnancy center that I had made an appointment with and the nurse said it was normal because it was in the window of when my normal period would have been. However, I was still spotting a week later and it was starting to change from a brownish color to more of a red color so I went to the emergency room. They did an interv____al ultrasound and found that I was 4 wks and 5 days, they called it a threatened miscarriage but my cervix was closed. The doc said to just take it easy. My hcg level was 359 which from what I read was in normal range. I stayed on bed rest from that point on but continued bleeding. It was not enough to even wear a pad, mostly I just noticed it when I wiped. I had very very mild cramping, I wouldn't even call it cramping just it was an aggrivating feeling that just annoyed me. I called my obgyn to ask if they could check my levels again and they came back at 704 but that was a week later. I asked if they should be higher and she said she was not worried about it that people read into hcg levels too much and as far she was concerned it was a viable pregnancy. So I stayed on pelvic rest and mostly stayed off my feet. Until..... I noticed my hands swelling and I was itching like crazy. I could barely get my rings off. My lips started swelling along with my eyes and my ears. I even felt like I had a lump in my throat and I was worried my throat was swelling. I had hives all over me. It was horrible. I went to the emergency room and they gave me epinephren and benedryl and a prescription for prednisone. The hives have still not fully went away and the next day I called my obgyn and she said it is caused by my hormones being out of whack from the pregnancy (I am not allergic to anything).I was worried about taking the prednisone but she a__sured me it was ok. This whole time I was still spotting/bleeding. About four days later I went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was a weird looking clot on the tissuepaper. I showed it to my mom and she was a nurse for twenty years, she agreed it looked weird and I put it in a container and was going to take it to the lab. I thought about going to the emergency room but I had no cramping and was bleeding very little so I decided to wait and call my obgyn the next morning. I know this sounds gross but I couldn't stand not looking a this clot a little further. I was so shaken up I thought I was going to throw up. It looked like a clot that was attached to tissue. I took it out of the container and cut it open and there was blood in it. I put it back in the container and it kind of dissolved except for the tissue stuff. I have no idea what it was. I called the nurse the next morning and told her about it. She said it did not sound like a miscarriage and that I would have had cramping and lots of blood loss. I tried to convince her to check my hcg levels again but she didn't feel it was necessary. She said that even if I did miscarry it would not show up yet on my bloodwork. So I have been waiting in limbo wondering back and forth in my head if I am still pregnant. It has been two weeks now. I stopped bleeding all together about two days after that happened. I still have nausea and sore b___sts and I still "feel pregnant" but I am still so concerned. I want this baby so much. I am 32 and I had an abortion when I was 21 and I have wanting a baby so badly for a while. I don't have an appt. until dec. 10. I kind of want to get a home test just to see what it says but I'm kind of scared. Ladies I need some prayers from you please. I'm keeping my hopes up. I would have been about 7 1/2 weeks when this happened and I would think if I miscarried I would have had more than one clot and at least some type of cramping and excessive bleeding so that is the only thing that is keeping me optimistic.


jenniegump - November 30

Sososleep, Thanks for your response. I am waiting on my insurance card to go for my ultrasound. If I go before I get it it will cost me around $800 and I can't afford that. Unless I go to the emergency room and I don't feel like it is and emergency other than to ease my mind. Physically I am fine except for the fact that I still have hives which I take benedryl for and I still have nausea, sleepiness, sore b___bs and it has been two weeks since this happened. I would think these symptoms would have subsided if I would have lost the baby. The nurse told me to throw away the clot i had in the container. She said they wouldn't send off just one clot to the lab and that there should have been more if I would have miscarried. My mother is surprise the ob is being so optimistic because she said that most of the time they are geared more towards the negative side of things so the woman doesn't get her hopes up. I just can't stand this waiting game. My mother was a nurse for 20 years and she worked in the maternity ward and nicu for a long time. She has seen many women have miscarriages and she said if I had one this would be the first she had ever seen that the woman doesn't feel some kind of physical pain and excessive bleeding. I had none of this just some spotting and seeing that I was over 7 weeks pregnant I just feel like I would have experienced something more sufficient. Who knows. Do you think I should go buy a home pregnancy test just to see what it says or not. I feel like it might ease my mind but then on the other hand I feel like I should just wait until my ob appt. so I can get more accurate feedback. Thanks again for your response. The only thing that keeps me sane is reading others experiences. I don't feel so alone knowing others are having the racing thoughts and crazy worries. In my heart I know I am still pregnant but then my brain kicks in and I start to question it. It's a crazy roller coaster of emotions. I just can't wait for my appt.



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