Has Anyone Experienced Cramping During Early Pregnancy

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danielle - March 10

I am 9 weeks and have had severe cramps, like period cramps since i was 3 weeks. I thought something was wrong but my dr a__sured me it was normal, she said that in a first pregnancy you tend to get worse cramps because you're uterus isnt used to having something in it. The books arent very helpful when it comes to explaining it but those books are talkign about text book pregnancies which most ppl dont have.


Karen - March 11

Hi I am 9 weeks due Oct 2 2005. I had cramping also. The doc told me once they are mild and come and go it is ok. It is the uterus growing with the baby. I have been reading lots of books and these posting are really helpful, I dont feel alone. Pregnency symtoms are like crazy. I got to see my baby and baby's heartbeat at 5 weeks It was a beautiful experience. Cant wait for the next doctors visit to see what is happening. Good luck ladies and congrats.


missy - March 11

Yes craming is ok it you uterus strecthing. your dr. well tell you that and it may even be a little gas :)


ashley - March 12

im so not alone with the cramps i got scared....first baby and all.


Elena - March 12

Same thing here. 5 1/2 weeks pregnant. Cramps come and go, about 10 times a day (just like a period) + back ache, also coming and going with cramps. Glad it's normal - won't see the doctor until the 17th of march... Thanks for your postings.


amanda - March 13

hi ladies almost 10 weeks and been cramping since 5 weeks doctor says its normal our bodies are making room for our little ones! good luck to all of you.


M - March 15

I'm 12 weeks and I still have some cramping now and then. I think it's normal. Good luck, Gals.


TAG - March 15

i haven't had my period since Jan. 8th and i have experienced some spotting around the time that i should have recieved my period in feb. & march. I have taken two pregnancy tests in feb. but they both said negative. it is now march 15 and no period has com what does this mean.


its fine - March 15

I am 6 wks on #3 and each time I had cramping in the lower part of my stomach but it has always been ok as long as it isnt like severe pain, and bleeding its fine


meg - March 21

I have cramping right now and I just found out today that I was pregnant I was wondeing the same thing!


mary - March 21

its not cramping it is your uterus stretching. it goes awya, I had it for a week or so, but my doctor said that it was just stretching.


michelle v - March 22

thhank god for this site, i'm glad i'm not the only one with this cramping... had bad cramps , 2 neg tests, when i looked at them later they had in fact turned positive, i see neg after a min and threw them out... had a pos today!!!yipee... 4 weeks today, early days and have scan in 2 weeks coz of previous history(2 miscarrages and 1 eptopic) the pains are pretty bad , i think its a mixture of period like pains and irritable bowel and trapped wind) hope these pains don't last too long, although i feel releived now that i know most women get them.


Lynn - March 22

Michelle V -- I just got a positive today too!!!! 4 weeks today also! I have to call my doc to make an appt once I get to work. I've had minor crampiness but mostly lower backache that comes & goes.... Congrats to you!


Jennifer - March 22

Very normal but if persistant, call your docotr.


Brandy - March 23

I am 6 1/2 weeks pregnant and i am experiencing cramps as well. I called the doctor and she said as long as there is no bleeding everything is fine. Glad to hear that I am not the only one though


michelle - March 24

congratulations lynn.. are you in uk? x



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