Has Anyone Experienced Cramping During Early Pregnancy

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angie101 - January 10

hello! i've been expierencing the same symptoms as everyon on here.. and im not sure if i am pregnant or not (i hope!) because i have irregular periods to when i dont know when i will recieve my period! usually when im about to start i get cramps but very bad and this time is just mild cramps along with lower back ake.. i feel very emotional and am always tired.. everytime i do take naps i do feel alot better.. does anyone think i am?? im wishing and praying for the best result!!


countrymom - January 10

very normal. I had cramping off and on my whole pregnancy with my dd.


Missie76 - January 12

I wouldn't worry. I had it a lot during the first trimester. It's just your uterus growing. As long as you have no heavy, bright red bleeding you should be ok


angie101 - January 16

i've been having some cramps and back lower pains.. i thought i was pregnant and took a pregnancy test and the result was negative.. i wanted to make sure that i wasnt so i went to the clinic and the result was negative as wel...i feel pregnant but keep gettin negative results! i dont know what goin on but its kinda making me worried.. my friend told me i should go and get a blood test becasue she had the same problem.. she took 5 tests all resulting in negatives, but she said she felt pregnant.. she tried one more and came back positive. turns out she was 3 months pregnant all along! so maybe them home pregnancy tests dont really work?? idk but im gettin frustrated playing these guessing games! im makin an appointment with my doctor!


unsure_92 - January 18

hey i imight be preg, i got severe cramping pain lastnight , it was would hurt, go away and come back again... i'm skiny could it hurt abit more cause i might have to stretch abit more more for the baby could this be why?


kasper87 - January 25

ok im 5 weeks, i have light spotting, light cramping im tired hungry, have to go use the bathroom like every 10 minutes, i crave taco bell and pickles, my b___bs r sllowen at least a size and they hurt, i have the circles around them i get a little sick feeling here and there for the past few days i took a test and it was negative and i have never had a baby before anything ideas? please help im freakin out and cant stop eating and im only 120 pounds!


Erin Elizabeth - January 30

Hey, everyone I am only four weeks pregnant and even before I knew I have had mild-sharp menstral like cramps in my lower pelvis. The cramps were mainly on the right side and I just a__sumed my period was coming. Well, I am now pregnant and seven days late and still cramping, but what was an off and on cramping is becoming more consistant. I went to my doctor thirty minutes ago worried sick thinking it may be an "ectopic or miscarriage"!! But the doctor said it is OK!! During preg. women develop a cyst on their ovary to help maintain the pregnancy and that can explain the one sided cramping!!yay..don't worry..Good luck and God bless!!


.:Krystal:. - January 30

I have been experiencing cramping. I am 7 weeks.


Duchess - February 3

Im almost 6 weeks along and I have crazy amounts of cramping.. Im almost wondering if its normal.. does any one know? It was so horrible, it woke me out of my sleep last night.. and kept me up for almost an hour.. help! let me know what you think.


emmie083 - February 4

Yes, I've had this too. The first three or four weeks I had period-like cramping, and now I just get twinges every now and then (seven weeks now).


stacibrown1 - February 4

I am 5 days late for my period. My last period was on January 1st. Took a HPT on last week- negative. Today is the 4th of February and nothing has happened yet. I have been cramping alot for the past 5-7 days and have been experiencing mood swings. No other symptoms have occured as of now. I am in the process of trying to conceive now, so this pregnancy will be right on time. My cycles aren't always on time. (From Sep-Oct :28 days in between cycles, Oct- Nov: 28 days, Nov-Dec: 33 days, and Dec-Jan: 30 days in between) For some reason I believe that this time I am pregnant. Any advice?


EricaB - February 5

I'm pregnant for the first time, now at 9 weeks. I have had some mild cramping off and on, and have gained already 11 pounds! I felt also a large ma__s in my abdomen, which I thought was my uterus! I went for my first prenatal visit yesterday. Well, there isn't more than one baby in there... The big ma__s I feel in my abdomen is actually a huge fibroid. It measures 8x11x12, and is on the top of my uterus. The baby was healthy looking they said, heart beat strong and dancing all over it's yolk sac. The OBs at my clinic are concerned about this fibroid because of it's size, and also because I never had symptoms before. No heavy menstruation, no pelvic pain.... Which probably means it started out miniscule and is growing fast due to the estrogen surge. Now I'm at 9 weeks, and they're sending me in two weeks to the hospital for the blood test and fetal ultrasound combo called "ultrascreen", as well as a full pelvic/abdominal ultrasound to get more info on the fibroid. There is apparently risk of IUGR, but more dangerously, risk of the fibroid outgrowing its blood supply and dying. If it dies, your uterus starts contracting.... Does anyone else have this situation to worry about? If you have cramping during the first trimester, fibroids are a possibility, as about 20% of pregnant women have them. They just usually aren't gargantuan.


wlou22 - March 15

Hi! I just found out I was pregnant! Me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years and this is our first! Weren't really planning this but i know its a blessing anyways! :] I came on to see if other people were having some same symptoms as me, this being my first pregnancy and all im new to all this! The mild cramping was kind of scaring me! But its really nice to come here and see that other people are experiencing that too, and its normal! I'm stressing out just thinking that im stressing out haha if that makes any sense :P


Samara - March 16

Im about 7 weeks, I've had cramping almost everyday the last week or 2, not bleeding, just cramps on & off. I think its normal, but plan on asking my doctor when I see him


daniellemc - March 26

I've had horrible cramps without my period all this past week. I've never had them before without having my period. I'm one of those people that has the heavy period with horrible cramps, it's always been constant and has never once differed. After the cramping, I thought I got my period, but it is extremely light. I would have concieved about two or two and a half weeks ago. Could I be pregnant?


ILoveKyKy - March 27

Daniellemc You are not alone! I have been cramping the last week as well. I have been so tired and a little nauseous. I have had lower back pain, and my sides and light headaches. And even a little heartburn. This will be my second pregnancy if I am pregnant. But I dont remember feeling this way with my first baby. Me and my husband have been trying, I hope I am pregant I would have concieved about 2 weeks ago.



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