Has Anyone Experienced Cramping During Early Pregnancy

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ILoveKyKy - March 27

Daniellemc You are not alone! I have been cramping the last week as well. I have been so tired and a little nauseous. I have had lower back pain, and my sides and light headaches. And even a little heartburn. This will be my second pregnancy if I am pregnant. But I dont remember feeling this way with my first baby. Me and my husband have been trying, I hope I am pregant I would have concieved about 2 weeks ago.


Ejooky - April 1

I took a pregnancy test which came up negative after 7 days missed period, but i think i maybe pregnant. I have been having this period like cramping since a week before my period was due, and not im 12 days overdue for my period. I have been having most of the usual prego symptoms (headhaches, tired alot, nausea sometimes, frequent urination, bloating) but no b___st tenderness. Ive been feeling like i am going to have a period for about 3 weeks now (week before suposed period and 2 weeks after missed period)! Could i have taken the test too soon (is 7 days after missed period too soon to take a test)? How long should i wait before i take another one?


adaysa210 - April 12

I just found out that I'm pregnant and I've been having the worse crampz. I had a doctors appointment on friday and my doctor said is normal the first few weeks but that if I see bleeding or the pain becomes severe I should go to the ER....


natalie mellon - April 20

i have been experiencing mild cramps also like at the very begining of my period i am 8 weeks gone also on top of this i have had light brownish sometimes pinkish discharge mostly after s_x the mixture of both of these gets me quite worried but i think its all normal by the sounds of it good to know im not the only one :D


augustmommy3 - April 20

I am already 25 weeks and i have really bad cramps. Sometimes to the point where i can't stand and need to lay down. They feel like i'm about to get a period. The doctor said it's normal and i will continue on getting them because the uterus is stretching.


sugarsnack - July 31

Well i'm glad to hear that other people are cramping but also not glad because it's kinda annoying.. I'm 6 weeks and about a week ago I started experiencing period like cramps, I went to the doctors and she told me it was just my body getting ready for baby, I thought something was wrong It seems everything is ok.. I think that as long as you aren't bleeding and you aren't in severe pain everything is probably fine.


bttrflykisses925 - July 31

the day i tested positive, when i wiped, i had small amounts of blood and ive been havng some bad cramping off and on; is that normal?


peta-leigh - August 7

i am 5 weeks i think, and i have had cramping the for last week, i thought it was my af coming, becuase i had started to spot very lightly, which always happens before af is due. i am still randomly spotting, but am told not to worry. bit hard though...


peta-leigh - August 7

i'm glad i'm not the only one cramping. it's not very painful, and pretty random, but i am also spotting very very lightly... it's not even making it on the tp, so i've been told not to worry. bit hard though. i think i am 5 weeks, (i found out on friday)


angelsent - August 15

hey there, im so worried too because i have been experiencing cramping. i asked my doctor about it and she said that it might be a symptom of miscarriage, but luckily, my baby held on tight, i still feel it sometimes but in a minimal pain. im heading 6 weeks this week.i hope that the cramping will stop because i'm really getting scared and worried at the same time.


2010babyontheway - August 18

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tamnscot1 - August 20

I just found out that I am 6 weeks pregnant. I have a history of ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages. I only had a 5% chance of ever conceiving a baby, well we did it and as usual i was cramping and got spooked so i went to ER and they did a sono with me expecting to get the news that it was once again in my tubes, but guess what its not it is in my uterus, i got to hear the heartbeat and all! They said everything was normal, but i cant help but to be a little scared. I am 36 have not had a child in 14 years. I am very crampy in my bladder area, and the thought of food makes me feel like hugging the toilet. I am wondering if the cramping is normal. Like i said it has been 14 years since i have been pregnant!


stubbylegs - October 21

I wondered the same thing! I thought I was going to start my period when I started getting them. So I a__sumed we missed the boat on that month also, then when I didn't I tested and I was pregnant! I am now 8 wks along and still feel a simple cramp here and there. So I would say it is normal and all is fine. Good Luck!


mariaadele1109 - October 24

I just got so much relief reading this. I found out today that I am about 5-6 weeks and I've been having mild cramping here and there since a bit before my period was due I thought I was just getting my period!


keag - November 29

Hey i'm 19 and only weigh about 100 lbs. For the past week I've had lower back cramps and lower stomach cramps and also felt very fatigued. Sometimes they feel like period cramps but they usually feel a bit different. I've also had some leg cramping and b___st tenderness that i don't normally get. None of these are severe but they are quite uncomfortable. I took a pregnancy test a day ago and it was negative but i'm not expecting my period for another few days. I've also never had cramping an entire week before my period before which is what led me to believe it was something else. Could i be pregnant?


Mommy_of_Three - December 3

I am 5 weeks pregnant, and I've read that its normal to get cramping with pregnancy. But the only time I get cramping is when I stand up. Am I getting up too fast?



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