Has Anyone Experienced Cramping During Early Pregnancy

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Mommy_of_Three - December 3

I am 5 weeks pregnant, and I've read that its normal to get cramping with pregnancy. But the only time I get cramping is when I stand up. Am I getting up too fast?


jonimarie - December 6

I'm 6 weeks pregnant with my second child and have had cramping with both pregnancies. In my first pregnancy I had severe cramping and my son was born nine months later and is completely healthy. I think that your body is adjusting to different changes. I wouldn't worry unless you start to bleed.


htr1008 - December 11

I'd love advice, I just found out I'm pregnant and am having cramps. They last most of the day and seem to get worse after i eat. Is this normal? This is my first baby and I'm guessing I'm about 4 weeks. My period is due Monday but I've been getting positive hpts since thursday. I never cramp before a period so this is freaking me out. What are pregnancy cramps supposed to feel like as i hVe nothing to compare them to.


JanetM_SA - December 30

Greetings from Sunny South Africa all... I am so glad I came accross this forum, I am now 7.5 weeks pregnant and must admit it being my first am pretty nervous to all the changes, and feel pretty alone in this even though my husband has been awesome and the family have been great, it just feels like my girlfriends arent being as supportive as I hoped... I have been getting weird pains in my belly... mostly a stretching feeling around my belly b___ton and then lower abdomen cramping, there is no bleeding and its not horific pain, yet one just wonders whats happening. Ive heard that the womb is stretching to accommodate baby etc...


mhennessey - January 3

Hi--I am in week five and I had b___st tenderness two days after we conceived and had to go to the bathroom about one week after we conceived! I have a lot of cramping now, but I am worried its not regular cramping so I can't speak to that as a symptom. I'm wondering about that myself--but based on what everyone has written, it looks like that might be normal! Hoping for both of us!


nrsygrl - February 4

I am 5 weeks pregnant and have experienced cramping since before I found out. These cramps are less than menstrual cramps, but annoying. I was happy to read I am not the only one!


Kasarj - April 26

Hi to all you ladies. I am new to this forum and I find it very helpful and friendly. I wanted to see if I could get any advise from any of u here. My bf and I had unprotected s_x repeatedly starting on 4/16/11 at around 1ish AM..and every single time he ejaculated inside of me. I decided to take a Plan B on 4/19/11 at around 5ish am so that was 75 or so hours after the first s_xual intercourse. I am to start my period on 5/4/11. According to my dr I wa in my ovulation period when we had unprotected s_x for those 3 days. My bf and I are not against it but we technically weren't planning on it either. Now, we are both hoping that I am pregnant. I'm experiencing some period-like cramps, b___st tenderness, dizziness and fatigue, and nausea. Can someone tell me when i should take the test?? And if you think i have a high possibility of being pregnant? Thank u in advance and I appreciate it very much


jessconnors - July 2

hello i have recenly found out im am pregnant, finding out on monday how far :) i am just wondering are cramps normal sort of like your period


DellyBean - August 14

It is such a relief to know that this is a common symtom. Most of my friends have kids, and they cant remember back to their early symptoms, and the doctors haven't really been helpful at answering my questions. I had a pregnancy earlier this year, with very severe cramps starting a week before i knew i was pregnant, and then for the next month or so. No feotal pole developed, and then i miscarried, so i was getting worried that the same thing would happen because i am starting to have cramps again. I only suspect that i am pregnant again, but i'll be taking a test today to confirm. Now that i know cramps are normal for successful pregnancies too, i can stop worrying. Good luck to all!


loveangels87 - August 21

same here im going on five weeks i get cramps whenever i bend down or sleep a certain way like my legs tucked in while sleeping on my side ill start getting bad cramps but as soon as i lay on my back nd put a pillow under my legs its starts to slowly go away i agreee though these cramps are very annoying!!!! i wish i can already jump to being 4 months pregnant lol


sapna karthik - August 24

hello..my period is due by 7 days and i'm experiencing menstrual cramps...i'm afraid that i may get period...my body temp has increased and also i get tired.. is it fine to get tested on the 40th day?


crisvogue - September 1

..Hi, I just want to share my experience. I took an HPT on aug 28 and it turns out positive. I went to the doctor the next day to confirm that it's really positive but was disappointed with the negative result my urine test. I don't know if the doctor followed the instruction for the test because he went so fast testing it. so when I got home I bought another two HPT and tried the first one on the same day and got positive result again then the next morning I tried another one and its still positive. AM I PREGNANT?


SproggattsMum - September 17

I'm only just pregnant but knew a couple of days after conception due to tender b___sts and feeling "funny" (but then I do have 5 children already and have had 4 miscarriages Inc 1 recently) I have the stretching cramps which other mums to be are describing, I have had with all my healthy pregnancies and also the most recent miscarriage. I'm hoping this pregnancy will be fine as the baby is dearly wanted and I'm 40 now so I worry worry worry, my eldest son is 17! I'm settled with my fiancé and our wedding is planned for the same month as baby due so the wedding is going to have to move if I get through my first trimester with no troubles. Good luck to all you mums. Cramping is not unusual, I'm lying in bed with stretching type cramps now and I've never had them pre-period as my periods tend to sneak up on me. It's only the past few months I've kept records of such things. S.M


myfirstkiD - October 10

omg im so glad its not just me..it can be really scary! everytime i feel a cramp i run to the bathroom to see if i see blood!! but im glad its normal this has really given me piece of mind :)


armywife1015 - November 26

so glad to read this! I've been having pretty bad cramps for over a week now. I'm almost 6 weeks! I also had spotting last night and was directed to go to the ER. They did an internal ultrasound, pelvic exam, blood work etc because they wanted to rule out ectopic pregnancy. everything came back normal and healthy so not too worried! the spotting stopped today but still crampy! glad to know it's not just me!


dache - February 3

hi ive its possible for you to reply i know your post is old but i think am 4 weeks and a half pregnant not sure yet of being pregnant but if i am thats the time but am having cramps like period cramps and ive been like this for almost a week what did they told you about it is it normal ON EARLY PREGNANCY?



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