Has Anyone Had And Wild Dreams

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jodie - April 27

Yikes, lastnight I had a dream that michael jackson was trying to get into my bed...and it was really frightning, has anyone had scary dreams that feel real and you wake up all sweaty? I am 10weeks and i haven't experienced this yet...anyone?


C - April 28

I am 13 weeks today and I have been having weird dreams! One night it was that my hubby was trying to shoot me and I ran next door to the neighbors....and last night it was that he asked me if I wanted another couple to join us in bed!!!! Really retarded dreams, and I am hoping this doesn't last long! They are so bizarre I have kept them to myself....


Heidi - April 28

Me too! I'm 15 wks today and all week I've had just the most bizzare dreams. I dreampt our school in town got bombed, I dreampt that Reagan from the Exorcist was living in our house and we had to take care of her and she was all crazy and would hit you when you'd come in her room and then she chased me down the street. I woke up in sweat on that one. Then I drempt that my golden retriever hopped in my mom's old station wagon and took off down the street and I was running after him and he just waved and drove off!!!! No more Doritos before bed!!!!! None about the baby or mommyhood yet. I used to have those when I wasn't pregnant and they were terrible dreams but now I have none. Weird!


RG - April 28

I'll be 12 weeks Friday and my dreams are getting weirder and weirder...I sware had I stayed asleep about 5 more minutes I would have had s_x with some guy in my dream and I don't know who he was! I also had a dream that we went to the doctor to hear the heartbeat and they couldn't hear it...so they did another v____al u/s...when the lady got the image...she said "interesting" and I though what is interesting about my baby??? She said see that sac and those things...well there are 2 babies in that sac...then see that there...that's another baby....So I had identical twins and another baby in my tummy! Whew...how weird is that.


Carol - April 28

I also have weird dreams! I can't really remember what I dreamt last night right now, but I have noticed that I dream more and they are very vivid. Anyone else? I did dream last night that I was having a boy and all along I was convinced that I was having a girl! Now I am not so sure.! Hav eyou ever heard about people dreaming about the s_x of their baby?


Davida - April 28

I have crazy dreams every night!!! The last couple of nights have been about me and my EX with our families and the new baby!!! YIKES!!! I haven't seen him in a year or so and I LOVE my husband but it really freaked me out cause the dreams were so vivid and so warm and loving!


Claire - April 28

I've had lots of dreams about my childhood and travelling. The other night I dreamt I was on holiday in Brazil with an unknown man - not my husband! He was very good looking but no idea who he was. I clearly lead a much more exciting life at night. I also had a nightmare I was back with my ex and he didn't care about me or the baby. Wierd.


Katie - April 28

I have wierd dreams all the time. That my boyfriend is cheating on me, or someone is trying to kill me or rape me. Me and my boyfriend both dreamed we were having twins, which run in my family.


lilmum - April 28

i've been having horrible strange nightmares. I dreamt i was bleeding and i thought i was losing my baby, but everything turned out ok.. i don't know what to think, if i should be worried or not?? i also had a dream i was doing shooters with some friends at my wedding (tomorrow, yay) and when i realized what i had done i cried and cried.. I had a dream i came home and there was a different family living in my house and they got really mad and chased me around the neighbourhood trying to kill me.. I have had ALOT of dreams about my teeth falling out, and every time i look in the mirror i cry and say "i wish this was just a bad dream" (good thing it is). I am starting to wonder how i ever get any sleep, it's a uniquly bizzare dream every night..


v - April 28

Hi Gals, I am right along with you for the weird dreams. I mostly seem to have the s_xual kind with my bf best friend! He is the only one in these dreams and I am scared I am going to say something in my sleep. I have also had the murdering kind but not of me the 2 kids I nannied for almost 5 years (but don't now). It can be really upsetting. I hope that all of you will have better dreams too!


mpi - April 28

hahahahai get s_x dreams now too.. so weird!!! HEIDI- i felt like i had an "o" in my sleep.. it felt real.i duno if it just happened in my sleep or if i really did feel it.


Robyn - April 28

13 weeks with twins and the dreams are insane! The first one I remember, I saw my u/s asa reflection when I walked by the TV but I could only see one of the babies then they turned into little furry animals and started fighting with each other. Then I had another one where I had s_x as a guest on the Oprah Show, then another one where someone snuck in my room while I was sleeping and rearranged my teeth and I woke up crying because I had braces for like 3 almost 4 years....how weird are those bad boys?! They get weirder I swear the further you go. Some good some not so much!


jodie - April 29

Wow, I am glad I am not the only one having psycho dreams. I have had weird ones three days strait now...weird stuff happend. In my dream i went in for an ultrasound and the took the baby out of my belly b___ton and showed it to me, and stuck it back inside when the ultrasound was over....WEIRD STUFF>


Jessy - May 2

Hey that's funny, I've had nutty dreams everynight and wake up and say to myself "OH I AM SOOO GLAD THAT WAS ONLY A DREAM!" They're more like nightmares...but I don't wake up in a sweat...One night I was running away from a bunch of guys AND girls trying to rape me!! A bunch of sickening Bi's having orgies in an ally full of mud and shacks lined in a row..I kept running into these people and then I'd politely say "excuse me, I need to go now!" AND THEN I'D RUN LIKE MAD. Maybe I'm just perturbed that the homos are pushing to have their 10 day "p___no/orgie parade" in the most sacred city of Jerusalem this year...it must be making me madder than I thought...it's downright disgusting! Their attampting to defile all that is good in this world! Ugh, it doesn't help that I'm pregnant...well, that was the worst I've had so far....


michelle - May 13

I am 24 weeks pregnant. I am having at least 3 seperate dreams a night and they are the weirdest dreams! What is going on ? Does anyone know?


~Celia~ - May 13

Right now i'm 17 weeks, but WOW did i have crazy dreams the first trimester. I cried every night i had such scary dreams. I always dreamed that I did something bad foro the baby, or like, the baby drowned, or i walked off and left it and i was rather scared! My doctor says that due to raging hormones and maternal instincts kicking in you will dream crazy weird things and often times about the baby. I also read that in the first trimester you dream weird things about the baby and losing the baby or death of baby, in the second trimester you start to dream of parenting and the future and in the third you tend to dream of oceans and water... psychologists beleive this is due to the fact that our body is made of so much water and our body is mentally preparing for the sensation of birth. Just thought I'd throw that out there! :)


Ca__sie - May 13

Weird dreams? More like nightmares! Lately, I've had dreams that something horrible is happening to a large group of people, including myself. Once it was a scary man going around eating people. Last night it was the sun getting too close to earth and burning us all. Each time, I specifically try to save my twin brother. I wake up before the dream comes to a conclusion and leaves me feeling on edge for the whole morning. I've also had dreams about having a baby girl. I don't believe that my dreams are telling me the s_x of the baby, but it's still interesting. Even so, I hope these wild dreams end soon.



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