Has Anyone Heard Of This

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anfmom - October 20

I had an u/s yesterday to find out how far along I am and to make sure evrything was going good b/c I have had 2 m/c over the summer! Well she said she could only tell me how far along I was then told a student that was in the room that I had a cyst on my overy? But she said that that was normal and they want to see that! I dont remember that with my first child. Does anybody know anything about that?


ChattyKathy - October 20

Having an ovarian cyst is common during pregnancy and there really isn't reason for concern. Cysts happen. Some are bad but some are okay, which is probably the type you have since your doctor was not concerned.


fefer1 - October 22

Cysts can come and go so I wouldn't be too worried. I had one when I wasn't pregnant - golf ball sized - and it was fine. They removed it only because it was so painful. Most are ok and yes, they are common in pregnancy.


Stephanie_31 - October 22

The cyst is called the Corpus Luteum. It occurs after ovulation and disolves if you don't get pg. If you get pg it stays and actually produces progesterone to help sustaine pregnancy. Once the placenta starts to take over the Corpus Luteum will start to dissapear. Mine was 2cm at my 11 week u/s and at 16 weeks it was down to 1cm.


anfmom - October 22

Stephanie thank you that made me feel alotbetter. I have never heard of it before and everywhere I look gave no info!


kellydawnking - October 22

It could be just because your pg If you go read my 1st post I tell a story of what happened to me with cyst I had. A cyst is always worth taking another look at but it very well could go away after you have your baby. My sister had them with all 3 of her kids. After she had her children they went away. After you have you baby go in for a checkup and have things looked at and see if cyst are still there. If they are they have ways of knowing what kind of cyst. It's nothing I would be worried about if it was not there with you 1st child it probably will go away on it's on. Mine were there for years and were the kind to worry about. A warning sign of cyst that I should have went through with was pain! I had pain in my females and my doctor at the time said it was nothing to worry about. A really good doctor should be able to tell what kind it is and if it's a threat or not. Hope that help



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