Has This Ever Happened To Anyone Please Help

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evae777 - August 8

Hi, I had a baby 6 mths ago, but need advice from those who are newly pregnant. i stopped taking the mini pill 2 weeks before my period and i am now 2 weeks late for my period, but have had (for 2 weeks), period and pregnancy symptoms, the dull pain and aches, twinges & fluttering in my uterus, crampy if i move around too much, urinating frequently, nauseated. You name it I am experiencing it and it feels just like it did when i was pregnant. the thing is.. i took some pregnancy tests up until 2 days ago and they were all negative. I mean... i was so positive that i was pregnant that i would even buy the expensive digital tests. i have thought that maybe it is a bladder infection since i am peeing all the time, but i am very familiar with bladder infections (had many of them) and this does not seem to be that. my doc is out of town so i am left only to go to urgent care which i don't think is necessary yet so i just wanted to get some advice here. please leave a suggestion if you have been through this same thing before you got pregnant or any advice would be comforting. Thank you!


noona23 - August 9

hey well congrads on teh 6 months old yup definetly signs of pregnany however u will only be 100% sure if u do a blood test it might not show now in the peepee one if u cant wait another week go ahead and do it its better than the stress of waiting best of luck


margie - August 9

well, i took pregnancy tests everyday for a week before i finally got my positive when i was pregnant with my daughter...but i just knew i was because of all my symptoms, especially the frequent urination. im one of those people that doesnt get a positive until later than most.


MMM - August 11

I had similar symptoms after coming off the mini pill. It might be the sudden change of hormones causing prego like symptoms


evae777 - August 13

MMM did you get frequent urination and the twinges in your left and right side of your uterus too? I am running to the restroom every hour or so along with the stretching feeling in my uterus which seems really unique to a pregnancy. but tests still come out negative and doctor tell s me to hold out to do a blood test. i am going out of my mind wondering.. any one else have experiences like this coming off the minipill??



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