Has This Happened To Anybody Else

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Pink07 - November 2

I am currently 11 weeks pregnant, and when i was 7 weeks...i was spotting, pink spotting, and i went for an u/s and everything was fine, baby was there with a strong heartbeat, and now i am spotting again..the same color...I am really scared of a possible m/c


kay101 - November 2

I spotted starting at 6 weeks for about a week an a half. I had it every other day, brown discharge when I wiped. I finally got in for an ultrasound because I was having some pain in my side and they wanted to make sure everything was where it should be. Turns out I was having aweful cramps because I was constipated lol bad timing. The baby was measuring a day ahead of schedule and had a heartbeat of 156. I just went in monday for my first real appointment at 9 weeks and they were already able to hear the heartbeat on the doppler. When is your next appointment? Once you hear the heartbeat after 9 weeks the chance of miscarriage drops down to 1-2%. I know this is WAY easier said than done, but they say not to worry unless there is pain or it becomes red and heavy. I know several people who have spotted in their first trimester and everything turned out just fine. Also from what I've read, the woman who have miscarriages usually go quickly from spotting to bleeding usually within a day or two.


Pink07 - November 2

I am not having any cramping or pain at all...I go in 3 weeks to hear the heartbeat...if the bleeding continues tomorrow, I will go in and see if I can get a scan to a__sure myself...


fefer1 - November 3

I had spotting at 11 and 14 wks with my dd and everything was fine. They said something about the placenta being close to the cervix and there was some tearing...not really sure what the real answer was. They also mentioned something about a blood clot that was leaking...but it wasn't the baby so it was all ok. :) If there isn't any pain I wouldn't worry about it too much but always call the doctor if you are worried.


sarah21 - November 4

You probably have placenta previa, where the placenta is close to the cervix. As it moves it can cause bleeding. Check out placenta previa on google and talk to your OB about it.


Pink07 - November 4

The bleeding totally stopped...It was not even a teaspoon full maybe...I was feeling no pain or cramps so i will just mention it to my doctor in a few weeks at my next appointment......thank you all for your posts :)



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