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JaydensMommy - November 30

I went to see my Doctor today. Basically he just gave me prenatal vitamins, which I already have and had been taking. Sent me for a HCG and scheuled me for a sono next week. I am a bit worried b/c I mentioned to him that I have a dull ache that comes and goes on in my lower right side and today I had a sharp shooting pain in my left side that went across my abdomen. Right away he mentioned that there is a possiblity of an etopic. The pain isn't constant and the sharp pain only happened once this morning. Oh, and did I mention that I had diarrehea last night. Hoping that it is just gastrointestinal related and nothing more. He made the Hcg Stat and told me if the pain came back, got worse, or if I had bleeding or dizziness to call him right away. Now I am even more worried that I was before!! Did anybody have anything similiar happen to them and everything was ok?? Next wednesday feels like a world away!!


mjvdec01 - November 30

I have had similar pains, with this pregnancy and my last. Don't worry about it, there is no mistaking an ectopic pregnancy. One of my cousins had one and she was in excrutiating pain that was constant


JaydensMommy - November 30

Recieved a phone call from my Doctor. Said my hcg level was 96,595. He told me that it was a good number. He also said that he would move my sono up from Wednesday to Monday and that he did not know why the Doctor I saw today just did not do one to rule it out.


mjvdec01 - November 30

That's great! I know everything will be fine, and Monday you will be able to relax. I have to wait until December 27th for my first ultrasound, I will be 9weeks 5days by then. The wait is torture. please let me know how your appointment goes.


JaydensMommy - December 1

Thank you. I will let you know.


JaydensMommy - December 3

Had my sono by my OB today. He said everything looked great. Saw the baby's heartbeat....it was so great. I do however have to go back on Wednesday and have another sono done by an Ultrasound tech. They want to do measurements so they can be sure of my dates and also he was unsure if he saw a possible fibroid on my uterus. I guess I will know more Wednesday. Otherwise, I am really happy I went today....it was such an incredible thing to see!!!


mjvdec01 - December 3

I knew everything would be okay. Now you can relax and just try to enjoy being pregnant... go buy some baby stuff!



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