Have A Glass Of Wine Every Now And Again Will Something Happ

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jessica - December 12

i drink a glass of wine every now and again and i am 13 weeks pregnant and have so much stress with a 2 year old and a husband in iraq. will my baby be harmed with all of this going on? will it cry a lot


E - December 13

Yes, your baby could be harmed from your drinking. There is no known amount of alcohol that is safe. All women have different genetic predispositions and triggers like alcohol, smoking, drugs, stress, and illness will not have the same effects in all women. One gla__s of alcohol could be all that is necessary for your child to suffer the mal effects of the alcohol. STOP DRINKING unless you want to feel a level of guilt that you never knew possible. I think you should get some counseling to help with your stress level, if it is causing you to drink while pregnant. Having a husband in Iraq is NO EXCUSE to expose your fetus to poison. I wish you well and hope that you can find a support system to help you through these hard times. XOXO


Tracey - December 14

I was told the opposite. While alcohol in general is obviously VERY bad for your baby, my doc told me that a gla__s (small gla__s) of a nice deep red wine is good for the blood and can be enjoyed on very limited occasions. But be sure to check with your doc first.


Elizabeth - December 16

I hope you realize that you will get all kinds of people answering you when you are on a web site. Don't get me wrong, I think the questions are great, but I think people tend to get carried away and everyone seems to be an expert. The only advice I have for you is, everything that you consume the baby also consumes. If you are going to drink alcohol from time to time wine is your best bet. You are not poisoning your baby by having a gla__s of wine. I wish you the best of luck.


E - December 16

Elizabeth, it is not getting "carried away" by telling a pregnant woman that she should stop drinking, no matter what the alcoholic beverage may be. Pregnancy is a time to err on the cautious side, not to take risks. Jessica is looking for a way to feel better about drinking while pregnant and I just can't believe that people would support that rather than suggest some counseling, or other ideas to reduce the stress. Just out of curiosity, how did you determine how much alcohol is safe for all pregnant women to drink, as you seem to have an opinion about the amount that is okay. Last I heard, research has not established a safe amount of alcohol for pregnancy. All women are different and the tiniest bit may harm some women's babies and not harm anothers.


P - December 19

In Australia and throughout Europe, having 1-2 gla__ses of wine every once in a while is cosidered healthy. Is Elizabeth to be held responsible for Americans' tendency to binge drink? Of course she hasn't conducted any "studies", but anecdotal evidence that an occasional gla__s of wine is OK makes me think about all the scare tactics that insurance company lobbyists have been pushing on pregnant women. FACT: We live in a litigious society. Any doctor who told their OB patients on the record that a little alcohol is fine...opens their practice up to a host of lawsuits. BOTTOM LINE: make your own decision., and don't let anyone guilt trip you. HOWEVER: I would abstain from drinking until after the first trimester, if I were you. The latter half of the first trimester is when the baby's nervous system goes through the most dramatic changes. Even antihistiamines can have negative consequences during these few weeks. If I were you, I might take advantage of some sort of miltary wives' support group or service - it sounds like you may be having issues with stress in general, and could use some "sisters" going through the same thing. - P, 28 weeks, about to have an 8% alc by volume Riesling with dinner...


Missy - December 23

Hi, Just to be on the safe side, I wouldnt drink any more wine untill after the baby is born. Good Luck with your pregancy :)


Krissi - December 29

Ha! I came on this site looking for the same answer...I miss my wine so much & especially with the holidays, glad that's over! ;) Some of these folks kill me though with their judgements and snide remarks...Wonder if any of them are parents yet? ;) I'm going to ask my doctor about it also...I hardly think one gla__s now and then will poison anyone. As long as you're careful and responsible about it. Different doctors have different opinions though, ask 2 or 3! Good Luck!


Amy - December 29

Jessica, Although someone can tell you that they don't think that drinking wine occa__sionally could cause you any problems, in all actuality there is no right answer. From what I have been told, is no amount of alcohol is safe. Good luck with whatever you decide.


Katie - December 29

I feel so guilty...I rarely drink and of course during my first week of pregnancy I drank...probably 4-5 drinks. Now I feel so guilty...I don't want to see the stuff again. I hope my baby is ok.


E - December 31

To Krissi - So one needs to be a parent to best be able to decide whether to drink while pregnant???? Give me a break. If there is anything snide in this world, it is the women that justify drinking (any amount) while pregnant and cry if the baby is born with a defect. Make your own decision but know that when someone posts a topic like this, it will generate a variety of responses & opinions. You know darn well that nobody can guarantee you anything if you choose to drink while pregnant, not even your doctor. No doctor will advise you to have "your" occasional gla__s of wine. So, for all of you that say there is no right answer, I have one for you. Drinking alcohol while pregnant COULD cause problems for your baby. There is no way to know so make a decision that you can live with. Lastly, alcohol will always affect a fetus. It is what is referred to as being drunk. If you poured half your gla__s of wine into a 1 year olds sippy cup, the child would be affected by the alcohol. Same thing with your fetus. You wouldn't do the former so why the latter?


paul - January 14

Jessica - March of dimes says that because they don't know how much it takes to do damage, the best strategy is to avoid it. Most research is based on how many a day not 1 gla__s a month. If you want to take the risk eat something first to slow the absorption.



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