Have You Heard About Deli Meats

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RG - March 31

I went to the Dr today and she was telling me the do's and don'ts and she said if you eat deli meats (either from a store or from a restrurant) that it should be microwaved for 20 seconds. I don't really know the reason, but found it interesting. This is only for fresh cut meats, not the processed stuff you buy in the lunch meat section at the grocery store. Wonder why it's safe for unpregnant people and not safe for pregnants.


Heidi - March 31

Lysteria bacteria is the reason. It can kill the fetus/baby. You might not even know if you have it. I think the symptoms are none or you might get a stomach ache/diarrhea etc. You just want to heat it up to make sure it kills this bacteria if there is any present. I ate a lot of deli/packaged meat my first weeks of pregnancy and I never heated them or anything. It's just a safe precaution though.


Christy - March 31

It's not just lunch meat either. It is also semi-soft cheeses like Brie, feta, goat, and blue (which is sooo sad to me because I love those kinds of cheeses!) I think the risk is greater with imported cheeses as some are not pasturized. (Pasturization kills listeria.) The following site has some useful info: http://www.cfsan.fda.gov/~dms/adlister.html


Brooke - March 31

Yes, I read this somewhere too. I thought it was strange. I was glad I read it because I LOVE Subway. I guess it will be Quiznos from now on though.....


RG - March 31

Well Subway uses processed meats, NOT fresh sliced deli meats...so they would be safe. Jersey Mike's is one that you'd have to 'nuke' a few seconds.


Carol - March 31

What exactly is the difference between processed and fresh sliced? Isn't what I buy at the grocery deli processed?


rach - March 31

processed meat is stuff that you wouldn't ordinarily consider eating they mash it all up and roll it into plastic and slice it and expect people to eat that c___p it's just like sausages and chicken nuggets i mean no way in hell am i eating t______es and stomaches.. the BSE crisis has obviously taught many people nothing eating spinal colums brains and entrails is obviously not advisable at any stage in your life..


Misty - March 31

Ohhhhh Rach, that was absolutly horrible to read. I think if I still had my nausea too bad then I would be cleaning up my keyboard right now. I always wondered why those cheap meats tasted so bad. Haha. Never ever ever buying them again. I always just though it wasn't the same quality. Horrible. Hot dogs though, you know but I don't care to much about that, it tastes great at a BBQ. I know there is some nasty c___p in them but I prefer to not know exactly what. Tastes good on a bun, so hey.


rachel - March 31

not necessarily hot dogs they're meat alright but i don't think so much of the other c___p keep munching :)


RG - March 31

To answer your question Carol---I'd like of processed as something that has been pressed, cooked, sliced and put in a bag. Regular Deli meats that you go to the counter and say "I want 1 pound of cooked ham, or 1 pound of turkey" would be fresh deli meats. You think about it, you have this big 10 pounds slap of cooked ham sitting in a refridgerator waiting on the next customer to come up and want it sliced as they prefer. Some Deli Restrurants use fresh sliced meats. Hope that helps to answer your questions.


Sophie - March 31

Actually it's will ANY deli meat - you want to watch out for processed meats because you can't eat any sodiom nitrites or nitrates. No hot dogs, bacon, ham, etc... read the label.


**L** - March 31

I'm with sophie on this one. It is ANY deli meat. The problem it that they sit out all day & aren't kept cool enough to keep the listeria from growing. In order to kill the bacteria once it starts growing you have to heat it up to about 160 degrees. This includes the packages meats as well asl salami, pepperoni, ham, & turkeys that you get at the deli. Also, don't eat salads that you get from the deli either, most of the time they are prepared on the same surface that those meats have been touching on all day. As for the seoft cheese, I'm really upset about this, I'm going through blue cheese withdrawel.. I have read that you can have the soft cheeses that are manufactured with pastuerized milk, which most blue cheese that is made in the U.S. is made with pasteurized milk, but I'm not taking any chances.. it's just not worth it.


Misty - March 31

I'm glad that I'm never in the mood for fried food or the blue cheese thing would kill me. I LOVE it smothered on this buffalo sandwich at Ruby Tuesday and dipping the fries in it is just lovely. But since I got pregnant the though of greasy fried food turns my stomach, so I'm o.k.


Rachael - March 31

I don't have an answer for you, but my doctor said that the processed meat that you buy in the packages are what I need to stay away from. She said the deli counter meats are better. The meat can carry a bacteria that can cause birth defects.


M - March 31

I've been eating bacon and deli meats, I didn't know anything about this. My doctor didn't say anything. No more for me from now on. Thanks. BTW, I'm 14 weeks and everythings been good so far.


C - April 1

This is all interesting to me. I live in Canada and have not heard anything about this...so you say that packaged meat (like bolognie) is ok...but fresh deli meat is not?


Christy - April 1

Here's another good article on foods to avoid: http://my.webmd.com/content/Article/101/106477.htm?pagenumber=1



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