Have You Used Chinese Calendar Heart Rate For Gender

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tritty - December 18

Hey ladies! This is just for fun. I'm just wondering how many of you have taken a peak at the chinese calendar, what is says for this pregnancy and if you have children if it was correct in the past. Also. you know how they say if the heart beat is less than 140 it's a boy and more than 140 is a girl? Well, has that proven to be true for you in the past and those of you that have had the pleasure of hearing (or seeing) the heartbeat where was it? Just thought it'd be fun to compare notes :)


Pearl - December 18

The chart is right for me with my first 2 children. Girl, then boy. It was wrong with my 2 year old. It said he would be a girl. It says that I should be having a girl this time around. The heart rate thing has been accurate with all 3 of my children so far. My girl was about 162, my first boy was around 132 and my second boy around the 130s as well. The one I am carrying now was at 139 yesterday. Between the chart and the heart I have conflicting information for this one. lol


tritty - December 18

lol! that's too funny that you're getting "mixed reviews" for this one! On the other thread I posted a little about my dd but the chinese calendar was correct for her but i feel like her heart rate was a little lower (maybe 139ish like yours). But 139 is so border line I think it could go either way. Anyhow, this baby was at like 169 and it just got me thinking because the ultrasound lady referred to "her" as a "she." lol! She said, "she likes to stay close to your uterus." I know it's too early to detect the gender but I think she might have said that based on the heartbeat. Anyhow, I'm going out to buy that intelligender kit this weekend. I found out that you can actually test at 8 weeks! and tomorrow i'm 8 weeks so i'm gonna try it! should be fun! :)


shomaswamy - December 19

Well during my first preg the heart beat was 140 and it was a boy though sadly ended at 32 weeks. I am again preg with the same heart rate so hoping its a boy again.


c2beaudoin - December 19

Good topic!!! I did the chinese chart thing and it says we should be having a girl. It's my first so I can't compare to anything but it would be nice if anyone has had luck. Maybe the heart rate is a better thing to go by. I won't get to find out until Jan 6th. My husband and I don't care what we have as long as it's healthy. We both agreed that a boy would be nice though haha. Which with our luck since we both want a boy, we would have girl haha.


tritty - December 20

thanks for sharing ladies! that's too funny c2beaudoin! I had a friend that really wanted a boy too and she had a girl. She actually told me right after she got pregnant that she thought she'd end up with a girl just because she wanted a boy so much! lol! she's now pregnant again and still is hoping for a little man. i can't wait to find out what i'm having!!!!



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