Having A Hard Time Kickin Caffeine

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JenniferRose - June 23

Is anyone recently pregnant and having a hard time cutting caffeine type drinks out of there diet? I drink Coke like it's going out of style, and its my one an only addiction. Ive been trying to cut it out all together but i just cant. Is one or two a day really that bad for the baby?


knpandrews - June 23

I was a BIG diet coke drinker before I found out I was pregnant. I mean like maybe 5-6 a day. Once I found out I was pregnant I completely cut myself off of it and found myself waiting if more and more as I got more and more pregnant. Now I am a little over 23 wks. and I have maybe 1 or 2 a day of a cup of diet coke loaded with Ice. I try and compromise with my self and have a bottle of water for every gla__s of diet coke I drink. The doc. says I can have 36 oz. of Caffinee a day. He said to limitt my intake and not to deprive myself of what my body craves. I try and save my unhealthy habbit for the diet coke and save the healthy eating and exercise for the rest of the time. Of course you should consult your doc. about ways for you to cut back. How far along are you??? I didnt start drinking it about to about wk. 15. when i saw that my morning sickness had not gone away. I am now a little over 23 wks. and yet I am still very sick with the morning sickness. Dont stress to much... there is so much out there that they tell us not to eat or drink, if you are super concerned consulting your doc. office and asking a nurse can solve your worried. Hope this helps a little.


JESS1980 - June 23

Hi Jennifer! I also have a soda addiction! :-) I am 33 weeks pregnant, and so far, I have NOT cut caffeine out of my diet. But I have reduced my intake a little. Before I got pregnant, I drank Coke all day long. Now I usually just drink it while I'm at work. I had terrible morning sickness, and one of the few things that made me feel better was drinking a gla__s of Coke first thing in the morning. And I still do that. So, I start my day with Coke and usually have it again with my lunch. Once I get home I try to either drink water or milk. But I still have Coke with my dinner at least once or twice a week. My doctor has never raised any concern about this...and she knows that I love to drink soda. So, I wouldn't worry about it too much. I've known plenty of women who never gave up or cut-back on caffeine and had wonderfully healthy pregnancies and babies! Good Luck!


JenniferRose - June 23

Thanks guys, its nice knowing im not the only one having a hard time, and its nice to see you guys have made it as far as you have with no complications due to caffeine intake. Good luck!



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