Having A New Pain What S Normal

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Dee - March 30

I guess I should really go buy the What to expect when expecting book b/c I am totatly clueless. I am have a dull ache pain on my right side kind of low in ab maybe in pelvic area. This is a new pain and it almost feels like a pulled muscle it is uncomfortable is this normal. Also I understand that some stretching of the uterus is going to occur but should this feel like AF cramps or mor like a pull?


Lilu - March 30

It's your round liagment stretching and for me it felt like a pulled muscle but also like a cramp. I got worried b/c i thought i was having cramps something was wrong but i went in and they said it's growing pains. i said them when i was standing or walking alot for that day. the doc said go home and lay on the opposite side the pain is on and it should relieve it. it doesn't last forever.


Lilu - March 30

I got them when i was standing too long or walking... oops sorry I was typing too fast.


Dee - March 30

Ok. You have lifted some of the anxiety. I should try to relax. Thanks so much for you response.


18wbabynov - March 30

i get wierd pains all the time...


emilymalm - March 30

I'm 11wk 4d and been I've been having round ligament pain for a few weeks now. It used to be mainly on the right side, but now's it on both, but not at the same time. I've found that sitting up straight and then gently stetching from side to side really helps. I've found they kick up more when I'm active. Mine only last for a minute or two at the most but seem to come and go throughout the day. I've heard that women don't usually get them until their 2nd trimester, but wondering if that's just not the case. This is my first pregnancy so maybe things need to stretch out more. How far along are you, Dee and Lilu?


mandee25 - March 30

I have the weird pains here and there that I have never felt before I got pregnant but they are mild and managable and I have heard it is normal so I don't worry too much as this is my first pregnancy and tomorrow I will be 7 weeks!


AmyF - March 30

My friend warned me about those kinds of cramping... she said it's normal (She is a L&D nurse and let me tell you she's such a blessing to have as a friend! I mention her a lot on here).... she said as long as I'm not spotting or seeing bright red blood not to worry. She was preggo last year and had pains so bad it would make her double over. I've been having the pulling pains for a while now but I know it's just my belly, muscles stretching. The other day my stomach felt SOOOO tight I didn't know what to do to ease the pressure but it went away a few days later (like I had been sucking in my stomach all day)


Gem - March 31

I am 8 weeks 5 days and still feel like I am going to start AF a few times a day because of cramps.


Dee - March 31

I am not very far along yet. I am 5 wks I think. I dont see my Dr. until April 14th. I am 30 years old. Married 6 years and this will be my first baby. Last night I bought the what to expect when expecting book WOW there is alot I dont know. I didnt know you cant drink tap water??


AmyF - March 31

Yeah, I heard that too (been researching online) I drink the filtered water though.


Dee - March 31

My Dh and I had a long discussion about this we have filtered water here at work and he doesnt think I should be drinking the filter water either. I think that is really expensive if you have to only drink bottled water given that is all I drink now that I'm PG.


njinco - March 31

I'm relieved also; I am having the same pains going on. I am 6 weeks, and can feel pulling on my right side here & there; mostly when I think about it!! I have felt it on the left only a handful of times. I am worried it could be an ectopic pregnancy--how can I rule that out?


squished - April 3

What? You can't drink tap water! My book didn't tell me that. I don't drink a lot of it, only to make my Crystal Light, but still. Otherwise I drink bottled water. Will that little bit make a difference? (Maybe I need to go buy a different book)


Shandy - April 3

I am 11 weeks and on my second child. The first was so long ago I forgot most of what happens. LOL! I was having major cramps and the Dr said it was probably due to gas (nice huh?!) She said I could take Beano for it. You might ask about that too.


christa0120 - April 4

my ligmant pain always felt like I was being stabbed and lasted about 2 minutes.


scarlett - April 5

How does round ligament pain actually feel like? Is it a sharp pain/dull ache/crampy? I'm about 10-11 weeks along, and have been having this weird pain at the left side of my abdomen, kind of at the same level as my bellyb___ton. Sometimes, the pain gets sharper. When I have it, it lasts for quite some time, and sometimes it bothers me. Urgh. And what is this about filtered water? Are you babes referring to distilled water? I drink a lot of distilled water here at work...



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