Having A Pregnant Birthday

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ChattyKathy - January 24

In about a month I'll be having a birthday and I'm trying to find a fun thing that my boyfriend and I can do together. I've begged him to take me ice skating, and not that i'm particularly afraid of falling down but i'm not sure if that'd be the best choice for a mommy-to-be. I thought of bowling but would the strain of picking up a bowling ball repeatedly be too much? Golfing could be fun but perhaps a little boring. Aside from that I'm running out of ideas!


TamaraAngel - January 24

Maybe the two of you can go for ma__sages... or stay at a hotel for the night, order room service, swim at an indoor pool.... Hhmm... maybe a comedy show? Ice skating and bowling are probably safe as long as you take it easy but personally i've been trying to do things that aren't too strenuous.


Tammy276 - January 24

Personally I wouldn't want to go iceskating because there is a great chance of falling, especially with our balance being a little off during pregnancy. Bowling is fine, I asked my doctor about it and she said that bowling is fine to do while pregnant, just use a lighter ball than you normally would.


lovestruckjsw - January 24

Kathy we are way to alike! My birthday is in a little less than a month. I dont know about ice skating but I think if you went bowling and used the really light b___s, you'd probably be fine. It may be a lil more fun than golfing =)


deelov - January 26

hi am having a preg birtday aswell.


deelov - January 26

hiya , my b day is on 7th ill be 26. am 6wks preggers . we re just going out for a quiet meal then probs cinema ..it doesnt involvemuch so i guess ill be ok.. hav a good one ..dont over do it


Please_be_A _girl - January 26

My birthday is today (Im 27) and i also turned 8 weeks today !! Happy birthday outt here to all you ladies!! ps: the ma__sages sound like a great idea !!


Lia - January 26

My Birthday is next month and I will be 39weeks on my B-day. Talk about not much fun. Some suggestions are: Movies, Dinner, Billards, Get-to-Gether, Bed-n-breakfast, see something artistic like concert/play.


mrs.raymond - January 26

yeah i am going to have my 21st birthday next month so that is going to be interesting...so much for my trip to las vegas..haha ; )


Shannon - January 27

with my first baby i bowled all the time, even in my very last month lol you'll be fine. and i'm sure you'd be fine if you staked, even if you fall down. there's plenty of padding aroudn the baby.


ChattyKathy - January 29

Well, I've decided that ice skating is definitely out of the question. I knew I wouldn't fall, so I gave it a try with some friends. WELL, it did not go very well. It was a lot harder than I remember it being. I do know i am craving an oreo and mint chocolate cake with icecream.... but i guess we'll have to see about everything else!



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