Having Hair Highlighted

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KG - April 15

Is it safe to have your hair highlighted while pregnant. My drs office said it is fine but I am not so sure. I have had it highlighted for a while but it really needs a touch up. I don't do it myself so I am not actually handling the chemicals. Anyone have any advise?


Amy - April 15

With all of the new things happening to my body during my pregnancy...the last thing I am going to endure is having "roots" for 9 months! HA HA! I just had my hair highlighted a couple of weeks ago. It is well ventilated at the salon I visit. That helps with not breathing in too many chemicals. Believe me, if my doctor told me not to get it done...I would listen to her. But, getting my hair done is fine. Good luck and enjoy your fresh hairstyle!


J - April 15

You're going to get your share of moms-to-be saying "why risk it, you can go without having your hair colored." Some say don't do it in the first trimester or highlights, but no color. I asked my dr., he said it was fine, and I haven't found anything that substantiates the claims that it is harmful. I've had my hair colored and plan to do so again.


KG - April 15

Thanks so much! My dr said it is definitely safe, even though I am only 9 weeks, but wanted to get some advice from some other moms to be.


Steph - April 15

I am 14 weeks now and I could'nt wait until that 13 week mark to do my hair......So I did at 13 1/2 weeks but good luck horomones are all screwed up and it did'nt work very well so I scheduled an appt. for 6 weeks later for some blond highlights! Alot of them to lighten the hair bc this will work!................................Okay Heres my opinion if you decide to get your hair done wait until you are in your 2nd trimester. 2nd make sure the room is well ventilated. And 3rd......I don't have anymore but good luck you should feel good during your pregnancy and this is a fact!!



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