Having Trouble Getting Excited

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jessie - April 24

Hey everyone. I am new to this board, but felt very encouraged by the posts I've been reading. Anyhow, I am 21 and 10.5 weeks pregnant. My husband and I LOVE children and definitely want a family, but this little one was somewhat unexpected. I am thrilled at the idea of being a mommy, and yet SO nervous because I am still really young, barely a year married, and 6 classes away from my BA. I really don't care about finishing my degree - never intended on being a career woman. But I feel like the timing is all wrong. My parents and in-laws are thrilled, as are my friends and siblings. Should I feel guilty about being so nervous and not quite ready? Anyone else suffering similar feelings?


Kim - April 24

I am 8 weeks pregnant and i have been with my husband for 7 years. I am 26 (27 next month) and very nervous. We have had 3 miscarriages, and desperately want this baby, but now that I am told everything is going fine and i should have a healthy pregnancy I am all of a sudden feeling like we are not ready. I am not working, and my husbands job has been on a steady decline over the past year, but here we are .... so happy. My only advice to myself has been to think about how much we wanted this, and to just go with it and welcome this blessing with open arms.


brooke crow - April 24

I would say your feelings are very normal. I am in the same boat. Six pregnancy failures ... gave completely up after second major abdominal surgery six months ago ... finishing up double major/double minor degree (will graduate Dec 05) and began applying to grad schools ... and viola! We are pregnant and expecting in November. Life is FULL of surprises. I am having a hard time too because I am afraid of getting too excited and then something going wrong ... good luck to you. DO NOT LET YOURSELF FEEL GUILTY ... once you hold your baby in your arms you'll forget all your doubts and fears, and you'll have a hard time remembering life without your child in it. It will seem as if it was all literally meant to be.


jessie - April 24

hello again, brooke. and thanks for both of your replies. i know my fears will vanish once the baby comes. i was watching a commercial a little over a week ago that was baby related and I got this unexplainable joy in me, which i want to come back. also, none of these feelings will matter in 1...3...5 years. Kim - you're right. I have always wanted a family. i simply need to rejoice that God has given me one! thanks again for your posts!!!


Kathy - April 24

Jessie- I was 19 when I got Preg we were just married no money no nothing... And I woudn't change a thing.. I wouldn't have what I have today if my life had not happened that way. It might feel like the timing is wrong.. but in the end it will work out great. Good Luck


Kelly K - April 25

Like my mom said - if everyone waited until they were ready to have children.. we never would. I think we all go through the same thing on unplanned and even planned pregnancies. It's also the hormones talking.



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