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alicia - December 17

Hi everyone i jsut have a quick question....My last period was on October 4th. I'v spotted twice since but the first time i spotted it was about a month or so ago and it was slight pink and only when i wiped...yesterday it was brown and mucusy... I'v taken hpts at home and one at the doctors office and they came up negative. My friend whose already had a kid swears im pregnant even though the tests arnt saying it. Iv had some symptoms such as slight nausia not like everyday though, headaches, im bloooooaaaated (lol), always tired, etc...I was jsut wondering if anyone on here is pregnant or has been or has known anyone who has been and the tests just didnt pick it up. I'm not or have never been on birth control or any other medications and iv never skipped a period. Im jsut confused. I need to schedule a blood test but its so hard with my schedule and people think im nuts cuz hpts should certainly pick it up by now. Thanks everyone.


alicia - December 18



Lisa - December 19

I am sort of going through the same thing. My last 'Normal' period was on October 15th. I have spent A LOT of money on home tests only to have two come up positive. They were 3 weeks apart. The first one, I thought I was just imagining the 2nd line, and shrugged it off and went on to work. When I came home that evening, I looked at it again - and much to my surprise, there was a 2nd line - it was pink and much more visible to the naked eye. I tested again and again after that (same brand, different brand) and kept getting neg. This past Thursday evening something was telling me to test again (I felt REAL pg that whole day at work - nausea, bloated, pelvic achiness) The 2nd line came up within one minute - it was faint, but it was pink and I could definitely see it (I had all my friends look at, and they saw it too). This was done one week after I got a neg on a 'Yes or No' blood test at the drs office. Well, I have tested again since this past Thursday, and even though I could 'Swear' I see a 2nd line - they are not as 'positive' looking as the one I got that night. So, I don't know what is going on. My body is definitely changing. I have two kids already, and with them I didn't test pos on a urine test until I was just past 8 weeks. It sounds like you and I are in the same boat. I have had two 'Not Normal' periods since October - 3 weeks apart, mostly saw it when I wiped - just like you. They were very light, pinkish in color, barely needed a pad, did not even need a tampon (not even a junior). Also, within the last week and a half, I have developed a 'brown, dirty-looking ring' around my belly b___ton, and I can see a line starting to go south from there (the linea nigra). I had that with my other two - and when I saw that, I just KNEW I was pg. I hope you get your answers soon. You should to probably make an appt. to see your doctor, and tell him/her what is going on. I am going to see mine tomorrow, to get the results of my ultrasound that I had done on Friday. I will keep you posted, if you want me to. It sure does sound like you and I are pg. Let's hope our 'Waiting Game' comes to end real soon. I don't know about you - but I am on the edge of insanity right now, don't know how much more of this I can take....


alicia - December 19

Yes, please keep me updated. Well im not going back to the doctor i went to the first time. thats the other fun part about all this. my boyfriends driving himself and me nuts, "go to the doctor!" but its not as easy as it sounds. i need to find someone to squeeze me in asap and a new one at that. I found out from his cousint hat my doctor is an idiot ( like i thought) because when i went last time i was one day before my second period that i skipped was due and she told me that i wasnt pregnant that everything felt fine when she examined me and that i should take another hpt at the end of this month just in case and if i still dont get it by may then to come back and she'll run tests to see whats wrong with me. she kept telling me its common, especially for people with medications and im jsut like im not nor never have been on medications...lol. she didnt listen and then heres the best part she was trying to get me on birth control....when obviously something is very wrong with my body....? lol So i dont know im going just as insane as you so believe me when i say i know how you feel. Another quick question for you, have you had any like Reallllly bad lower back aches? Mine has been sore for close to two months now, non stop. I thought i pulled something at work first but i dont think that thats the case now. Ok i hope to hear from you and good luck with the ultrasound results.


Lisa - December 19

Good luck with finding a doctor that will 'Listen' to you. That is not so easy to do. I have to say that I have been lucky with mine so far - she has been VERY understanding. As far as the lower back ache question: I have them off and on. I have had the lower pelvic aches and they go all the way around. I also have noticed that right around my nipples the areola is getting darker. My montgomery glands are more prominent now, and look like 'White-head' pimple-like. I also forgot to mention that right before those two 'Not Normal' periods I had, my b___sts were TINGLING like crazy! And they 'leaked' a milky-white discharge. I woke up one morning before I started spotting the 2nd time, and I had a stain on my shirt over my left b___st. This is all going to drive me over the edge. I have a question for you: Would this be your first child, if you are pregnant? I am a__suming that it would be. As I said before, I did not show positive on a urine test with my other two kids until I was just past the 8 week mark. And that was when I was in my early twenties. Now I am 35, and this is the first time I have felt symptoms like these since I was pregnant with my son 13 years ago. Another question for you: Have you been 'Belching' excessively? I am not the type of person who burps on a regular basis. But for the last 5 weeks my burping has increased so much that I can't talk to anybody without saying 'Excuse Me' at LEAST 20 times! And some of these are pretty loud and raunchy-sounding too. Anyways, please keep me updated on your situation, and I will do the same.


alicia - December 20

Yes it would be my first and yes im very ga__sy. lol. Its kind of nasty at times. Had the worst headache so i think im going to bed. Keep me posted.


alicia - December 21

Well i took another hpt ( these things are really getting expensive now...) and it came back negative. i dont know what to think. logically at 8-10 weeks i should be showing up on tests by now or somethings wrongs...so i dont know im about to entirely abandon the thought. i dont understand why im not getting my period and why im getting chunky in my mid region...no where else. lol. im going nuts but i think im giving up. i might goto the clinic thursday morning jsut to get another oppinion. Lisa, you said that it wasnt until after 8 weeks that you showed positive on an hpt...were you showing faint or not at all before that? How'd you know you were pregnant besides the missed period? What were your symptoms i guess is the better question. Thanks



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