HCG And Progesterone S

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CaseyB - January 25

Thats awesome! My husband isn't going to be able to make it to my ultrasound on Monday which is a bummer but he's a firefighter and is on duty that day. I can't believe your husband wants twins - most men would freak out at the thought - I know my husband does! I can't wait until Monday! Your having another u/s on Tuesday?


CaseyB - January 25

I forgot to ask you is this your first? I have a son that will be 9 in March. Did they just do the ultrasound at your first appt? Your HCG numbers look great - still doubling!


HopefulKris - January 29

Yes, this is our first. We are getting to do another u/s tomorrow and I am so ready. Let me know how it goes with your u/s today!!!


CaseyB - January 29

I will - I am so nervous this morning! My appt is at 2:45 so I am staying busy trying to pa__s the time.


HopefulKris - January 29

Good Luck! You might have two in there like me (or so we think right now)!


CaseyB - January 30

I had my ultrasound and I am having TWINS!!! Of course now I am more of a wreck than ever because of the chance of losing one since I am still so early on. It was so great to see both little heartbeats flickering on the screen! Good luck with your us today!


HopefulKris - January 30

We're having TWINS too! I went for the u/s today and we saw both heartbeats flickering as well. How many weeks did your baby measure?


CaseyB - January 31

Thats crazy that we are both having twins! My doctor didn't tell me any of that information but I wish he did. I find myself worried every second now that I am going to lose one because it is so common this early on. The only thing that gives me some peace is that they both had heartbeats. What did your sacs look like? One of mine was bigger than the other which also makes me so nervous but the doctor said that is normal. When do you go back?


HopefulKris - January 31

I know it is crazy that we both are. One of my sacs was a good bit bigger than the second one, but the baby in the small one only measured one day behind the big one. So, the doc said that everything should be fine. I go for another u/s next Tuesday. How about you?


CaseyB - January 31

I am going to try to get my us pic online. I go back on the 12th when I am 8 weeks. It feels like an eternity away! Have you had lot's of symptoms - I started having to go to bed at 6 every night almost instantly. The ms is starting to kick in now but I find usually I just need to eat and then I am fine. Did you see hb's with yours yet?


CaseyB - February 1

Kris - My pregnancy page is preg.fertilityfriend.com/pages/ourbeans/


SL - February 2

I'm a little disapointed...lets rephrase that..I'm devestated. I'm about 5.6wks..at 4.3 wks...my hCG was 796, now they are only at 1658. not good. the doctor is expecting the worse and tells me to do so too. We've been trying for a year and he's the one that has the bad sperm. I"m so angry and upset at the same time. Is there any reasoning for this? He also mentioned I could be having a molar pregnancy..nice.



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