HCG And Progesterone Levels At 4ish Weeks

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JEN - May 1

Hey Ladies, I am about 4 weeks (LMP was 3/23 but ovulation was 4/14-4/16). I had bloodwork that revealed my HCG is 96 and progesterone is 21.7. Does this sould promising to anyone? I am really not sure because I don't remember much about my exact levels w/ds...please help! Thanks!!!!


hope-31 - May 1

hi jen i am exactly 4weeks toda just foung out! pregnant thru our 1st ivf and 3 pregnancy (no babies yet tho both m/c) my hcg is 264 and i dont remember what progesterone is as i was crying hysterically. try not to freak out since its early on as long as it is doubling and once you start u/s and they look good as everyone is different.


KatML704 - May 12

At 4 1/2 weeks my hcg was only 48. Nurse told me it was fine. My hcg levels have been progressing but my progesteron has only been decreasing. That scares ,e! . But the nurse said i shouldnt be concerned. I dont beleive her though. Levels every other day went from 31-30-25-17 and waiting on yesterdays reults. I see my gyno today for first visit. I hope she has a good answer for me!!! I hate feeling this way.... but its hard not to after a MC! I wish you girls the best!!


missie9499 - June 3

What ended up happening? I've had two postive HPT with faint lines - I went to the dr yesterday and tested postive as well, however they said the line was faint as well,so they took blood. Today my levels are at 29 - I go back tomorrow to retest - they have me scared that something is not right. I know I'm not that far along, but my husband and I we're so excited and have talked about babies since the day we met - 7 years later here we are scared when we should happiest. Any advise?


prayn4baby - June 4

At 4 weeks my hcg was 160 and my progesterone was 124. The hcg number itself doesn't mean much, you just need to make sure that it is rising at the appropriate rate. The progesterone number i am less clear about. All i know is that if it's over 10 it shows that you ovulated. Sorry that doesn't help much!



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